What to watch during lockdown: 14 YouTube influencers to follow from your sofa

In these times of lockdown, YouTube is fast becoming the no.1 place to get your daily exercise, entertainment and even maths fix! As more and more of us stay home, YouTubers everywhere are stepping up to the plate and helping us adapt to our new ‘from home’ world.

As YouTube natives, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best and brightest channels to watch from your sofa:

1. Joe Wicks

Fitness guru, Joe Wicks, is on a mission to get the world fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. With kids currently home from school, Joe’s taken to YouTube to give children (and parents) morning PE classes at home. His upbeat sessions are a great way to start the day and will prevent you from becoming a self-isolated couch potato.

2. Mr Harris’ Maths School

Maths teacher, Mr Harris, wants to help parents who have suddenly been faced with the daunting task of teaching their kids algebra from home (yikes)! He live-streams maths classes for all ages so teens and primary school kids can ask questions and follow along at the same time. If you’re still pretending to know about Pythagoras’ theorem – kids or not – this one’s a lockdown watch for you.

3. DJ Ravine 

The sad fact is that we can no longer go out and party, but the likes of DJ Ravine and Boiler Room are bringing the party to your house, live-streaming DJ sets until pubs and clubs re-open. If you’re missing your weekend (or weekday) raves, turn up your speakers, video call your pals and get involved.

4. Dr Hope’s Sick Notes

This is an unprecedented time for medical staff across the world and their efforts are appreciated by us all. If you’re interested in finding out more about the health staff on the front line of COVID-19, join Dr Hope and his fellow Junior Doctors as they vlog their experiences of tackling coronavirus head on.

5. Dr Mike

News too anxiety-inducing to watch right now? Twitter rumours got you trembling on your sofa? Join Dr Mike for a healthy dose of reality as he fact-checks the media and busts the COVID-19 myths that are keeping you up at night.

If you’re feeling cooped up at home, Michelle Goldstein’s yoga and meditation sessions are a great way to ease anxiety and get yourself moving. It’s more important than ever to stay healthy and her workouts help strengthen and tone your body with deep breathing techniques that help relax the mind.

7. Crash Course

This longstanding channel run by John and Hank Green, two American brothers, entrepreneurs and social activists, helps teach educational subjects from all disciplines. This encyclopaedic video database of knowledge offers crash courses in everything from modern history to bookkeeping – a lockdown watch that will expand your horizons from the off.

8. Lavendaire

If you’re feeling the strain of lockdown on your mental health, Aileen’s personal growth channel can help. Whether you’re feeling fear, anxiety or panic because of the pandemic, Aileen strives to support her subscribers to find inner peace, calm and hope.

9. LadBaby

Parents across the world are spending more time with their kids than ever before – with varying results. LadBaby’s amusing parenting hacks are not to be taken seriously, but in these trying times, provide some much needed light relief.

10. Graham Stephan

In these uncertain financial times, Graham and Nate are advising on what people can do with their money. Is another recession looming? This lockdown watch will arm you with the knowledge you need to emerge from self-isolation clued up on all the fiscal ups and downs.

11. Mike Russell

Learn new YouTube audio editing skills while in lockdown from audio expert and Lickd advocate, Mike Russell. Husband and wife pair Mike and Izabela host ‘Free Jingle Friday’ radio shows every week which are sure to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for more audio editing tutorials showcasing a range of software, check out the Lickd audio editing channel (ft. Mike).

12. Dr Panda TotoTime

If you’re struggling to explain coronavirus to your kids and why they need to stay indoors, this channel has child-friendly animated explanations.

13. Shallop Lester

Is lockdown putting a dent in your love life? Shallop is hosting dating advice livestreams so you can clue-up on the dos and don’ts of dating safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to go on a real life date for a while…

14. Arne & Carlos

Dynamic duo Arne & Carlos have started a daily quarantine knitting podcast to “keep their sanity” whilst self-isolating. Why not learn a new hobby and join in the knitalongs? If knittings not your thing, their channel also has a whole range of baking and gardening videos. If there was ever a time to cook up some delicious treats and tend to your plants – it’s now.

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