WFH survival guide: Visual effects expert, Ignace Aleya, shows us how it’s done

If you’re not used to working from home and are looking for some helpful tips on how to do it right, you’re in luck. We teamed up with visual effects expert and working from home pro, Ignace Aleya. Hailing from Belgium, Ignace is the co-founder of and his other-worldly effects are all created from the comfort of his home studio.

Igance working from home

As someone who usually works from home, tell us about your daily routine (and how we can nail ours).
It’s good to find what works for you. At the moment, my routine actually starts the night before, I write down my schedule for the next day before I go to bed – try to keep it light and realistic, like three to-dos.

Once I’ve woken up and had a coffee, (preferably outside to catch some sunlight), I do some meditation, then get started straight away on my to-do list. It’s tempting to start the day with emails but I try not to as it usually means my mailbox decides my day and I get distracted from my priority list.

I’d also recommend taking some time away from your desk and getting some fresh air – I go walking in the forest for a 30 – 60 minute break. Making plans for after work can also help build structure. In the evening I arrange to play video games with my colleagues and business partners for team building and relaxation.

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What’s your no.1 tip for staying motivated when creating content from home?
Keep moving! Do some exercises or meditation to clear your head because you can easily get all cluttered up if you stay at that computer screen.

What’s the best thing about working from home?
No traffic, no distractions and you’re in your own comfort zone. My favorite is probably choosing my own work hours.

What’s the worst thing about working from home?
Sometimes you do get a little bit lonely. I normally have an editor sitting next to me three days a week but he’s out while we deal with COVID-19. Gaming with some buddies once in a while will definitely help. Plus, make the most of having people at home who aren’t usually around – my girlfriend is home now to keep me company. 

What advice do you have for Creators who are sharing a home workspace with friends, partners or family?
Why not figure out some ways to do videos together? 

How do you look after your mental health when working from home?
Try to make your time at home worthwhile. Where you’d usually watch a movie, why not watch a documentary? Remember, you can still read, meditate and exercise at home. I’m trying to use this time at home as a blessing – extra time to educate myself, to rethink my work, to improve it. And, as I’m not moving as much, I’m trying a new vegan diet.

books and vegan sandwich

What should you absolutely never do when trying to be productive when working from home?
A rule I made with my friends is to work first and game later (towards the evening). Don’t spend the whole day playing games or binge watching Netflix. First do what you NEED to do and then reward yourself for doing those things. 

What’s your top tip for a successful video call?
Make sure you’re in the room with the best connection. It can be so frustrating if you’re trying to talk and the connection drops out!

What’s your go-to ‘let’s get this done’ track?
Nostalgic tracks always work, so I’d say some old school Eminem. It might be cheesy but it makes me feel like I can do anything.

eminem encore album cover

If Ignace’s tips encourage you to try something different to your usual routine, we want to hear from you! Maybe his recent veganism means you ditch your usual meaty lunch, or perhaps his ‘no emails before to-do list’ rule revolutionises your morning. Tell us all about your ‘creating from home’ experience on our socials @getlickd.

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