WFH survival guide: Twin YouTubers, Niki & Sammy share their advice


Identical twin YouTubers, Niki and Sammy have been creating online content for seven years. They work from home filming top-notch YouTube content, perfecting their popular ‘Peachy Podcast’ and honing their expertise on everything K-POP.

What are their words of advice during this challenging time? We caught up with them to find out.



Tell us about your daily routine when working from home?

Niki: We’re not in normal times so we don’t try to force too much normality on ourselves. We both wake up pretty early (considering its lockdown) and do some exercise, then jump on emails and spend the afternoon creating. We’ve been making less content in lockdown whilst we adjust if we’re being honest!

What’s your no.1 tip for staying motivated?

Sammy: Don’t force it! If you’re feeling the effects of lockdown on any given day, for your own mental health, do not force yourself into creating content that you’re ultimately going to be unhappy with. That is a negative process that will only spiral you further.

What’s the best thing about working from home?

Niki: Being your own boss and deciding how you will spend your day!

What’s the worst thing about working from home?

Sammy: Being your own boss and deciding how you will spend your day! Seriously, us self-employed need to pat ourselves on the back sometimes!


Working from home as a creator

What advice do you have for Creators who are sharing a home workspace with friends, partners or family?

Niki: Be kind to one another. Also, there was a viral tweet circulating the internet a few weeks ago that said it was a good idea to invent an imaginary colleague to blame things on. I like this – especially as it’s going to be a testing time for all forms of relationships.

How do you look after your mental health when working from home?

Sammy: Kindness. Kindness to yourself is really important – listen to your body and your mind and take cues from yourself on what is best for you.

What should you absolutely never do when trying to be productive when working from home?

Niki: I’ve said this already, but forcing it is never good – the content suffers and so does your mental health. It is absolutely totally fine to take a break and recognise the demands of your own health and sanity in these really difficult times.

What’re your 3 top tips for a successful video call?

Sammy: Talk over each other. It’s great. But seriously, is there an internet equivalent for a talking stick? 

Often on video calls people are too busy holding onto something they tried to say 10 minutes ago, so make sure everyone has time to get a word in. 

DON’T word vomit if it’s not necessary. 

Also, it’s not a competition – sometimes on a video call people feel the need to give their two pence when it didn’t actually add anything other than massage their ego.

What’s your go-to ‘let’s get this done’ track?

Niki: Physical by Dua Lipa. Every. Time.


Dua Lipa Physical

We’re HUGE Dua fans too. If you haven’t heard ‘Future Nostalgia’ – play it now. And while you’re on the hunt for some good tunes to soundtrack your day, check out our working from home playlist, or brush up on your audio editing skills with free tutorials on our channel.

If you tried any of Niki and Sammy’s tips – let us know. Get in touch on our socials @getlickd.

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