Your Lickd License

  • What is a ‘EULA’?

    EULA or End User License Agreement is a document that provides proof you’ve licensed a track from Lickd and that you have permission to use it in your video. It’s specific to you and the track you’ve licensed, and can’t be transferred or assigned to anyone else.

    The EULA includes all the details around your license and what you can and can’t do with the track. If there’s ever a dispute about your use of the track, for example a copyright claim on YouTube, this is the document you’ll need to supply as proof you’ve licensed a track.

    When you pay for your license we’ll email you a copy of this EULA long with a payment receipt, and you can always download another copy from your My Account area once you’re signed-in.

  • How many times can I use the track I’ve licensed?

    Only once. Our licenses are single use and good for one video only. If you need to use a track again in a different video, you’ll need to buy another license.

  • I didn’t get my Email Receipt / EULA?

    First of all, have a look in your My Account area. You should see a ‘licenses’ tab where you’ll be able to download a copy of your EULA.

    If you can find your EULA in the My Account area, get in touch with us at support@lickd.co and we’ll send you another copy and update your account.

  • How can I pay for a license?

    Currently Lickd accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express, with PayPal coming soon.

  • What kind of content can’t I use a track in?

    The agreements with our Rightsholders prohibit using anything licensed from us in videos with these themes:

    • Tobacco

    • Politics

    • Religion

    • Firearms

    • Military Themes

    • Charities

    • Adult Material

  • Can I remix a track I've licensed?

    No, Unfortunately not. You can edit and cut down the track to fit with your video but you can’t remix the track and use that in your video.

  • How long is my license valid for?

    Forever! All our licenses are granted in perpetuity so there’s no danger of your video ever being taken down.

  • Can I transfer or send my license to someone else?

    No, licenses are unique to you and your channel so aren’t transferrable to anyone else.

  • How can I get a refund?

    If you believe you need a refund or you purchased a license by mistake, get in touch with us at licensing@lickd.co and we’ll be happy to review.

    Remember to include your license ID, Name, Channel Name, Track and Artist Name, and your payment receipt if you have it and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Can I use my Lickd license for Branded, Sponsored or Paid content?

    Yes! It's really easy - Just select the 'Brand Sponsored' option when you add a track to your basket.

    Our brand sponsored licenses cover any video that you’ve been paid to produce either for, or in partnership with a brand. For example, your video might feature some of their products or a service they offer. It's important to note that the video can only be posted to your channel - if the Brand wants to feature it on their channel or social accounts, they'll need a different license for the track.

    The rates for brand sponsored content are higher than our normal editorial licenses - you can find out exactly how much it will cost, specific to your channel, on the pricing page.

    If you’re a brand looking to use a track from us, or your project is an advert of any kind, it’s not covered by our brand sponsored licenses - but we can still help you out finding the right track at the right price, just get in touch at licensing@lickd.co.

Downloading A Track

  • Where can I download a track after I've licensed it?

    You can download a track straight after you've completed the checkout process, and you'll find a link to download it again in your My Account area under 'My Licenses'.

  • What kind of audio file will I get?

    Right now we offer 320kbps MP3 downloads once you’ve licensed your track.

  • Can I edit and cut down the track?

    Yes! Feel free to edit or cut down the track to fit with your video.

  • Can I get an Instrumental version of a track?

    Yes! We have instrumentals for most of the catalogue – you should find it bundled with the vocal version and you’ll be able to download either version once you’ve got your license.

    If you can’t find an instrumental version, get in touch with us at music@lickd.co and we’ll contact the rightsholder to see if we can get hold of it.

  • Can I download a track before I license it?

    Right now we don’t allow preview or audition downloads before you’ve licensed.

Buying a License

  • How has Lickd calculated my price bracket?

    When you create an account with us we’ll ask you to sign-in using the Google account you use to manage your YouTube Channel. During that process, YouTube tell us about your channel and we work out an “Average Video Viewership” figure (AVV) based on your channel's lifetime views.

    Using that AVV figure, we’ll work out a price bracket specific to you. You’ll migrate through the price brackets depending on how many views your channel gets.

    Our price points are designed to ensure Creators still take home the lion's share of their RPM (revenue per mille) whilst ensuring the music industry is fairly paid for the use of a song.

  • Is Lickd EU VAT registered?

    Yes – and if you’re an EU registered business with a VAT number you can enter this during the checkout process.

  • Which currencies can I pay in?

    Right now Lickd supports transactions in Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD).

  • Do you offer subscriptions?

    Right now we don’t offer subscriptions, but if you have a specific volume licensing requirement please do get in touch at licensing@lickd.co

Monetisation & Copyright Claims

  • Can I still monetize my YouTube video if I use music from Lickd?

    Absolutely, yes! Lickd is the first commercial music licensing platform that allows you to license great music AND avoid copyright claims from YouTube.

    We’ve built software that interacts with Content ID – it’s called VOUCH – and it ensures your video doesn’t get a claim once you’ve licensed a track from us and used it in your video.

    We store your channel ID when you sign-in and match that to any track you license from us so there’s nothing else you need to do in order for this process to work – it’s all handled by us behind the scenes.

  • I had to re-upload my video and now I have a claim! What do I do now?

    As each license of a track on Lickd is only good for one video, our VOUCH software will have cleared the claim on your first upload. Upload your video again (if you haven’t already) and dispute the claim, stating you have the rights to use the track and include all the license details from your EULA or Email Receipt.

    We’ll have emailed you a copy of your EULA and Receipt when you paid for your license and you can also find your EULA in the My Account area once you’re signed in.

    Be sure to let us know you’ve had a claim at support@lickd.co and we’ll contact the relevant rightsholder to and get the claim released. Make sure you include your license details in the message to us.

Crediting Artists & Short URL's

  • Why do I need to credit the Artist and include a short URL in my video description?

    We’ve gone out and negotiated deals with tons of labels, publishers and rightsholders so we can bring you a ready-to-go catalogue of some of the best music from Artists all over the world. As part of the deal with all our label partners we’ve convinced them that YouTube Creators can add value to their Artists in more than just licensing.

    Crediting Artists when one of their tracks has been used and providing easy links to stream and share their tracks outside of Lickd contributes to healthy Artist exposure and shows your support for the music industry!

  • What is a Google Short URL?

    This short link (provided in your EULA & Email Receipt) allows anyone watching your videos to quickly access the music you’ve used through streaming sites.

    It looks something like this: https://goo.gl/VRhTmu

Using lickd.co

  • Why do I need to create an Account?

    Creating an account with us gives you access to our catalogue of awesome music from some of the world’s biggest and best labels and artists.

    Once you’ve signed in, we’ll work out your price, and you’ll be able to license anything from our catalogue quickly and easily.

    With a Lickd account, we’ll also be able to send you tailored playlists and music suggestions and exclusive promotions.

  • Why do you need to see my Analytics & Channel data?

    When you sign-in and create an account with us, we use your channel data to work out your price bracket (Find out how here (link)). We’ll also remember your channel ID and Name so that our VOUCH software knows it’s you that’s licensed a track from us and you don’t ever get a copyright claim.

    We’ll also look at some of your channel's analytics – never anything financial or sensitive – to work out who your audience is. We use this data in two ways:

    Firstly, to curate playlists, releases and tracks specifically for your audience so we can make great suggestions for you when you next need a track, we call this “recommended for you”.

    Secondly, we share some demographic information with our label partners so they’re able to curate exciting promotions specific to you – marketing departments will use data on your audience such age, territories, behaviours etc to promote new releases directly to you – often before they’re released to the general public – pretty cool eh? ...and who knows, they might even offer you a free track!

  • I can’t sign-in, what do I do?

    Firstly, check you’re using the correct Google account that’s linked to your YouTube channel. If you’re using the right account and you still can’t login – get in touch with us at support@lickd.co and we’ll look into it for you straight away.

  • How can I contact Lickd?

    You can contact our support team at support@lickd.co

    If you’d just like to say hello, you can contact hello@lickd.co

    You can also reach us on Twitter & Facebook.

  • How do I close my Account?

    We'll be sad to see you go, but If you do want to close your Lickd account please get in touch with us at support@lickd.co and we'll remove you from the service.


  • I’m an Artist and I want to submit music to Lickd – how do I do that?

    If you’re signed to a label or publisher it’s best that we speak to them first so please put us in touch with your relevant management.

    If you’re unsigned and own 100% of your master & publishing rights, get in touch with us at submissions@lickd.co


  • I've signed a syndication deal and want to distribute my video content, but I don't have music rights - can you help?

    Yes! We offer an AudioSwap service where we can remove the existing music from your video content and replace it with cleared tracks from our catalogue - the process we use leaves any dialogue and voice-over virtually untouched.

    Once complete we'll deliver you video content to your exact specification ready to be syndicated to third party platforms.

    Get in touch with us at audioswaps@lickd.co to discuss your requirements.

Connected Accounts

  • Why should I connect my other social accounts with Lickd?

    Once you've connected Lickd with your Spotify account, Spotify will tell us more about what music you're listening to right now and who your favourite artists are. This helps us provide really useful recommendations to form the Lickd catalogue. These recommendations are updated every time you sign-in to Lickd, and you can always unlink Lickd from your Spotify account in the My Account area.

    If you connect your Facebook and Twitter account, again those sites will tell us a little about what kind of music you're into, but more importantly they'll give you a really quick way of sharing your Lickd activity both privately and publicly to all your fans and followers.

    If you're on the move and using Lickd on mobile, you can connect your Dropbox account to have a track delivered to a folder of your choice once you've licensed it, ready for you to download later once you're editing. We'll also send a copy of your EULA and a payment receipt to the same place. (You'll still get an email with these in too!)

  • How do I connect an Account?

    It's really easy - head over to the 'Connected Accounts' page in your My Account area and select the 'Link my Spotify / Twitter / Dropbox / Facebook Account" buttons. Follow the instructions to authenticate your account and you'll be redirected back to Lickd. You should start seeing recommendations within a few minutes, you'll be able to get tracks delivered to dropbox next time you license, and you can share your Lickd activity on Facebook and Twitter straight away.

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