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Monetisation & Copyright Claims

  • Can I still monetize my YouTube video if I use music from Lickd?

    Absolutely, yes! Lickd is the first commercial music licensing platform that allows you to license great music AND avoid copyright claims from YouTube.

    We’ve built software that interacts with Content ID – it’s called VOUCH – and it ensures your video doesn’t get a claim once you’ve licensed a track from us and used it in your video.

    We store your channel ID when you sign-in and match that to any track you license from us so there’s nothing else you need to do in order for this process to work – it’s all handled by us behind the scenes.

  • I had to re-upload my video and now I have a claim! What do I do now?

    As each license of a track on Lickd is only good for one video, our VOUCH software will have cleared the claim on your first upload. Upload your video again (if you haven’t already) and get in touch with us at Please include your license details and a link to your unlisted video in your message so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

    The details of your license can be found in the End User License Agreement (EULA) we’ll have emailed you when you paid for your license. You can find your EULA in the ‘My Account’ area once you’re signed in.

Your Lickd License

  • What is a ‘EULA’?

    A EULA or End User License Agreement is the document that proves you have legally licensed music to use in your video. Think of it as your golden ticket out of any copyright disputes. Each EULA is specific to you and the track you’ve licensed and can’t be transferred to anyone else.

    The EULA includes all the details you need, including what you can and can’t do with the track. If there’s any drama over your use of the track, for example a copyright claim on YouTube, this is the document you’ll need to supply as proof you’ve licensed it.

    When you pay for your license, we’ll automatically email you a copy of your EULA along with a payment receipt. If you need another copy - no sweat - you can download one from your My Account area once you’re signed-in.

  • Can I use the track I've licensed in multiple videos?

    No, only once. Our licenses are single-use and good for one video only. If you need to use a track again in a different video, you’ll need to buy another license.

  • I didn’t get my email receipt / EULA?

    No problem. Have a look in your My Account area where you should see a ‘Licenses’ tab, or click on the this link to take you straight there. Link to Licenses. Here you’ll be able to download a copy of your EULA.

    If you can’t find your EULA in the My Account area, get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to send you another copy.

  • How can I pay for a license?

    Currently, Lickd accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express, with PayPal coming soon.

  • What kind of content/themes are restricted for use with a Lickd license?

    The agreement with our rights holders mean that you can’t use a track you’ve licensed from Lickd in videos with the central theme listed below:

    • Tobacco

    • Politics

    • Religion

    • Firearms

    • Military Themes

    • Charities

    • Adult Material

  • Can I remix a track I've licensed or change it in any other way (i.e. change the words, pitch, tempo, make it 8D etc.)?

    You can't totally remix a track as this would involve manipulating the sound, which isn't allowed under our EULA (End User License Agreement). However, you can cut and edit the track so it works with your video.

  • How long is my license valid for?

    Forever! The majority of our licenses are granted in perpetuity so there’s no danger of your video ever being taken down. (Yay!)

    There is one small exception to this, which is that Universal Music Group (UMG) reserves the right to potentially choose to reapply claims after 5 years. However, even if they did this, it would not result in a video takedown.

  • Can I transfer or send my license to someone else?

    No, licenses are unique to you and your channel so you can’t transfer them to anyone else.

  • How can I get a refund?

    If you believe you need a refund or you purchased a license by mistake, get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help.

    Send us a message with as much info as possible e.g. your name, your channel name, license ID, the name of the track and artist you licensed, and your payment receipt. Don’t stress - a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

    Please note: purchasing a license is for the right to use that track. A refund will not be issued if a decision is made after the track is downloaded to not use the license.

  • Can I use my Lickd license for brand-sponsored or paid content?

    Yes, if you're an independent content creator! (Not if you're a brand though - learn more below).

    It's really easy - Just select the 'Brand Sponsored' option when you add a track to your basket. Our brand-sponsored licenses cover any video that you’ve been paid to produce either for, or in partnership with a brand. For example, your video might feature some of their products or a service they offer. It's important to note that the video can only be posted to your channel - if the brand wants to feature it on their channel or social accounts, they'll need a different license for the track.

    The rates for brand-sponsored content are higher than our standard editorial licenses - you can find out exactly how much it will cost, specific to your channel, on the pricing page.

    If you’re a brand looking to use a track from us, or your project is an advert of any kind, that will not be covered by our brand-sponsored licenses - but we can still help you out by finding the right track at the right price, just get in touch at

  • What usages are covered under normal licenses?

    All usages excluding where the main purpose of the video is to showcase or highlight the song, lyrics, artist, track artwork (or similar). This includes 'Art Tracks', 'Lyrics videos' and 'Cover' versions of songs. Remixes or 'Mash-ups' are also not covered by our licences.
    There are also certain themes/content that are restricted for use with a Lickd license. You can find more information on that further up in these FAQs.
    Additional restrictions can be found on the EULA (End User License Agreement) issued before / after check-out. For UMG (Univeral Music Group) tracks, you may not use the song title and artist name in your video title.

  • Are the rights worldwide?

    Generally yes. If we didn't have rights in a certain territory they wouldn't be visibly available for you to license.

  • How do I attribute Lickd music correctly in the description?

    On the Lickd website, under 'Account' and then 'Licenses', there will be an attribution text box which you can copy and paste into the description. However, it's important to note that this will not necessarily protect you from claims. You may also need to email as well if you are licensing a UMG track, so that we can clear the claim manually before the video is switched from 'Unlisted' to 'Live'.

  • At what point can I reuse a license from a video in a different video?

    You can't reuse a license from one video for another video. Each time you use a track in a video, you'll need to get a new license.

  • Can I upload a song by itself or with lyrics to YouTube?

    Our licenses do not permit the songs to be used for lyric videos or by itself (with just an image of the album artwork for example). That's because these videos are deemed not as background music to content, but simply as a way to stream the track - which is not what our licenses are intended for. This is listed in the restrictions section of all our licenses.

  • Am I able to purchase a license to a song and use it for intro and outro music?

    Yes, as long as you license it for each new video!

  • If my video goes viral, will the song owner take my adsense revenue?

    The virality clause only applies to one rightsholder that works with Lickd. That rightholder is Universal Music Group (UMG). Tracks which show the copyright symbol at checkout signify that they are part of the UMG catalogue.

    This clause means that UMG has the 'option' to ask you to relicense the track in a 30 day period if your video goes above 3x your average video viewership. They will not take your adsense revenue, but may require you to pay an additional fee. Whilst we know this clause is not ideal, for your comfort, UMG have not asked any Lickd users to relicense as of yet.

    Virality clause:
    If your video goes viral (video views total of over 2.3M) in the first 30 days of your content going public, your video could be reclaimed by the rightsholder.

  • Is there a special price for repeated track use outside of per use per video?

    Not at the moment!

  • Can I have WAV files instead of MP3?

    Unfortunately due to the size of WAV files, we currently aren't able to offer them.

  • Can I use this music licensing for wedding videos?

    Yes, any wedding video uploaded to YouTube or other social channels listed would be covered by our licenses!

  • Can I license music playing in the background of my video footage?

    As long as we have the track available for you to license this should be possible. However, adding music this way can cause issues because Content ID has more difficulty recognizing it and can sometimes claim it as a different song or different version of the song. This would result in us not being able to clear the claim for you. Therefore, you should always add music in post-production if possible instead. Or if you already have music playing in the background of your footage, add the licensed track in over the top as well.

  • Can I get a license for a track that's in an already published video?

    Unfortunately, you can't retroactively get permission to use a track in a video. You need to get permission (a.k.a. a license) upfront, before publishing your video.

Downloading a Track

  • Where can I download a track after I've licensed it?

    You can download a track straight after you've completed the checkout process, and you'll find a link to download it again in your ‘My Account’ area under 'My Licenses'.

  • What kind of audio file will I get?

    Right now we offer 320kbps MP3 downloads once you’ve licensed your track.

  • Can I edit and cut down a track?

    Yes! Feel free to edit or cut down the track to fit with your video.

  • Can I get an instrumental version of a track?

    Yes! We have instrumentals for most of the catalogue – you should find them bundled with the vocal version and you’ll be able to download either version once you’ve got your license.

    If you can’t find an instrumental version, get in touch with us at and we’ll contact the rights holder to see if we can get hold of it for you.

  • Can I download a track before I license it?

    Right now we don’t allow preview or audition downloads before you’ve licensed.

Buying a License

  • How has Lickd calculated my price bracket?

    When you create an account with us we’ll ask you to sign-in using the Google account you use to manage your YouTube channel. During that process, we work out an ‘Average Video Viewership’ figure (AVV) based on your channel's lifetime views.

    Using that AVV figure, we’ll work out a price bracket specific to you. You may move through different price brackets depending on how many views your channel gets.

    Our price points are designed to ensure you still take home the lion's share of your RPM (revenue per mille) whilst ensuring that the music industry is fairly paid for the use of their songs.

  • Is Lickd EU VAT registered?

    Yes. If you’re an EU registered business with a VAT number you can enter this during the checkout process.

  • Which currencies can I pay in?

    Right now Lickd supports transactions in Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD).

  • Do you offer subscriptions?

    Right now we don’t offer subscriptions, but if you have a specific volume licensing requirement please do get in touch at

Crediting Artists & Short URLs

  • Why do I need to credit the artist and include a short URL in my video description?

    So you can enjoy a huge catalogue of chart music that’s totally claims-free, we’ve negotiated deals with tons of labels, publishers and rights holders who manage music from artists all over the world. As part of the deal, we told our label partners that YouTube Creators have the power to add value to their artists in more than just licensing. 

    Crediting artists when you’ve used one of their tracks is a great way to prove that the YouTube community adds value to the music industry. Providing easy links to stream and share tracks outside of Lickd contributes to healthy artist exposure and shows your support for the music industry!

  • What is a Google short URL?

    This short link (provided in your EULA & email receipt) allows anyone watching your videos to quickly access the music you’ve used through streaming sites.

    It looks something like this:

    Include it and give your viewers the gift of music! 


  • How do I log in / sign up?

    First of all, head to the Register/Sign In button in the top right-hand corner. Click 'Sign in with Google'. If you have multiple channels associated with your Google account, you'll be given a choice of channel during sign up. Make sure you choose the channel that you want to purchase a licence for. You can add any other channels later on in your account.

    To sign up:
    - You must be aged over 16
    - Your email address must be valid
    - Your forename & surname are required
    - The Terms & Conditions must be accepted

    If you're having any issues signing up, please check that you've filled in everything on the list above. If you're still having trouble after that, make sure to get in touch with us via

  • Why do I need to create an account?

    Creating an account with us gives you access to a huge catalogue of claims-free music from some of the world’s biggest and best labels and artists.

    Once you’ve signed in, we’ll work out the price of your license based on the average viewership of your videos, and you’ll be able to license anything from our catalogue quickly and easily.

    With a Lickd account, we’ll also be able to send you updates on new music, tailored playlists, music suggestions and exclusive promotions - don’t miss out!

  • Why do you need to see my analytics & channel data?

    When you sign-in and create an account with us, we use your channel data to work out your price bracket (find out how here). We’ll also remember the name of your channel and your channel ID so that our VOUCH software knows it’s you that’s licensed a track from us and you won’t ever get a copyright claim.

    We’ll also look at some of your channel's analytics – never anything financial or sensitive – to work out who your audience is. We use this data in two ways:

    Firstly, to curate playlists, releases and tracks specifically for your audience so we can make helpful suggestions for you when you next need a track, we call this “recommended for you”.

    Secondly, we share some demographic information with our label partners so they’re able to curate exciting promotions specific to you. Marketing departments may use data on your audience such as: age, territories, behaviours etc. to promote new releases directly to you – often before they’re released to the general public – pretty cool eh? ...and who knows, they might even offer you a free track!

  • I can’t sign-in, what do I do?

    Firstly, check that you are using the correct Google account that’s linked to your YouTube channel. If you’re using the right account and you still can’t login – get in touch with us at and we’ll look into it for you right away.

  • How do I close my account?

    We'll be sad to see you go, but if you do want to close your Lickd account, please follow these instructions:

    1. Log in at
    2. Click on the burger menu (3 lines)
    3. Scroll down and click on 'My Account', and then 'My Profile'
    4. The 'Delete my account' button will be at the bottom of the page
  • How can I contact Lickd?

    You can contact our support team at

    If you’d just like to say hello, you can contact

    You can also reach us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @getlickd.

  • You've changed your login process and now I can’t see my orders or favorites

    Make sure the channel where the orders were made and favourites were added is linked to your new Lickd user. This can be done through Account section.

  • Do you offer a subscription?

    Currently we don't, but perhaps this will change in the future. We can, however, potenitally create bespoke subsriptions for big creators or regular customers, email to see if this is something we can set up for you.

  • Why do I have to send videos as unlisted to

    Universal Music Group are involved in releasing the claim for Universal Music tracks. Therefore you'll need to send your video to us at to get that sorted for you. The claims will be sorted within 4 hours on a working day and within 48 on a non-working day.

  • Can creators/editors get licenses for their clients?

    Whoever has access to the YouTube channel you'd like to use the track on can link it to Lickd and order a license for that channel. You cannot order a license linked to a particular channel and then use this on a separate channel, as licenses are not transferrable. So, if you as the creator/editor have access to the channel, you can - if not then you'll need to get someone who does have access to get the license.

  • How do I request an invoice?

    To request an invoice, please email and state the order that it relates to.


  • I’m an artist and I want to submit music to Lickd – how do I do that?

    If you’re signed to a label or publisher, it’s best that we speak to them first so please put us in touch with your relevant management.

    If you’re unsigned and own 100% of your master and publishing rights, get in touch with us at

  • I have music I want license out to Creators, can you host it so they can get licenses?

    Read all about how we work with artists here.

    Read all about how we work with distributors here.

    Read all about how we work with record labels here.

Connected Channels

  • How do I add multiple youtube channels to one lickd account?

    To add multiple channels to one account, you can use the "add channel" button at

    When checking out, you can change the channel that the license will be for by using the "change channel" button on the review screen (

For Brands

  • Can a small brand use a Lickd license?

    Small brands can use our licenses as long as it's a vlog, fun or editorial style video and does not in any way promote the brand and/or its products.

  • If I am showing my own products, do I need brand sponsored licenses?

    If you're a brand promoting your own products, then unfortunately we cannot provide you with a license as this falls under online advertising. If someone else promotes your brand/product, they could get a brand sponsored license.

Finding Music

  • I see you don't have the track I'm looking for. Can I license it anyway, do you take recommendations or can you help me find an alternative?

    With over 600,000 tracks currently available on Lickd, we know we don't have every track covered - but we're working on it. If the track isn't on the website, then unfortunately it's not available to license.. yet! However if there is a particular track you'd like, the Lickd music team is prioritising the most searched tracks on Lickd, so start searching to get the track you want added next. Help prove to the music industry that this is a service that creators really want, and bigger and better tracks will be made available!

    In the meantime, we can help you find an alternative. Our music matching technology can match the characteristics (genre, mood, BPM, etc.) of your desired track to help you find something similar that is currently available on the Lickd platform. This is a service we offer to all of our members so all you have to do is send us the YouTube link of your desired track to, and we'll provide you with an alternative.

  • Is there a way to search by label / allowed in my country / allowed on Twitch?

    Search by label is coming soon!

    'Allowed in my country' is also something we're working on but you may have to bear with us.

    You can filter by 'Allowed on Twitch' or any platform for that matter, on the search page. Just go to 'Target Platforms' and choose where you're planning to use the music.

  • How long does it take to get deals with labels and artists to license their music?

    We're constantly working with labels, publishers and artists to license their music for you! How long this takes really varies depending on a lot of elements. We have 600,000+ tracks live on Lickd at the moment and we'll be over 1 million by the end of the year, so it's our intention to get almost every artist or band you could ever want and be the Spotify for creators. If there is a particular track you'd like, the Lickd music team is prioritising the most searched tracks on Lickd, so start searching to get the track you want added next.

'Brand Sponsored' Questions

  • What usages are covered under brand sponsored licenses?

    Brand sponsored Licences are available for creators who are working with a brand in a particular video. Our brand sponsored licenses cover any video that you’ve been paid to produce either for, or in partnership with a brand. For example, your video might feature some of their products or a service they offer. The purpose of the video must not solely be an advert. It's important to note that the video can only be posted to your channel - if the brand wants to feature it on their channel or social accounts, they'll need a different license for the track.

  • I have a brand account channel, do I need a brand sponsored license?

    You'll need a brand-sponsored license every time you work with or for a brand, by promoting their brand/products. Simply having a brand account yourself doesn't mean you need a brand-sponsored license!

  • If I show a brand in the video but I'm not paid, is that brand sponsored?

    As long as you're not being paid by the brand in any way then it's not considered brand sponsored!

Using Lickd music somewhere other than YouTube

  • How do the licenses work on other social platforms eg. FB, IG.

    First of all, you'll need to have a YouTube channel in order to sign up and get a license from us. All pricing is based on your YouTube numbers. Once you've bought your license, you can then use it across other social platforms supported by Lickd. These are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Vimeo, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat.

  • Do the licences work in livestreams?

    Yes, the licenses should work on livestreams on any social platform supported by Lickd.

  • Can Lickd licenses be used on other apps/services/platforms?

    You can use our licenses on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Vimeo, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat. Aside from that, if you'd like to have a video on another app, service or platform, just make sure it's hosted on one of those platforms we cover. i.e. upload the video on YouTube or Vimeo and embed it from there. You cannot upload the video natively with one of our licenses.

  • My main account is Instagram, what price bracket do I fit in?

    As Lickd is here to change the game on YouTube, we look at YouTube as a primary channel. Therefore, the pricing is always based on YouTube numbers. Once you've signed up/logged in, you'll be able to see exactly how much a license will cost you by adding a desired track to your basket.

  • Can I submit my video to film festivals?

    No, our end user license agreement (EULA) does not cover film festivals.

Using Lickd music in advertising

  • Can Lickd music be used in adverts on social media?

    Our EULA (End User License Agreement) does not allow you to use our tracks/licenses for online advertising. Here's our example license which includes the restriction: These Terms do not grant you the right: to use the Recording(s) and /or Composition(s) for online advertising content, including pre-rolls, skyscrapers or other paid-for third party media placements;

Just added

Preview the full track when you register / sign in