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Branded Content Licence

Our Branded Content YouTube Licence

Our Branded Content Licence

Coming soon!

If you're a brand or an agency looking to make a piece of Branded Content to be used in an online video we will soon be offering a Branded Content licence. This licence will give you the proper legal paperwork to use the song in your video as well as ensure your video doesn't get a copyright claim on your YouTube Channel.

If you're looking to buy music for an Influencer as part of a campaign and the video is to be shown on their YouTube Channel be sure to checkout our Brand Sponsored licence. Your Influencer can buy the license themselves through our website.

No Copyright Claims

As always when you license with Lickd, you won't get a copyright claim on YouTube. This keeps things nice and tidy in your YouTube CMS and ensures that your videos can be monetised and that you won't have the inconvenience of dealing with any disputes.


We apply a standard set of restrictions to all of our music prohibiting content featuring Tobacco, Politics, Religion, Firearms, Military, Charities and Pornography. In addition each Artist can also have their own stipulations so be sure to check the song's restrictions.

Some Record Labels and Artists also have deals in-place with brands already. So to avoid a conflict of interest between brands we'll occasionally also display additional restrictions. These restrictions might be specific brands or sectors, again be sure to check the song's restrictions before licensing.

Branded Content Music

We will let you know when our website is ready to license music for Branded Content. In the meantime however do get in-touch with us and we'll be happy to organise a licence for you offline.

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