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For Creators

Use REAL Music by REAL Artists.

Use REAL Music.

As a Creator it's a challenge to keep your content fresh and exciting for your audience. Using the same production music in your videos can give your audience fatigue and up until now production music has pretty much been the only option.

But by using Lickd you have access to thousands of great commercial songs by REAL artists that your audience should recognise and love.

No Copyright Claims.

When you're a Creator who depends on the ad revenue on YouTube it can be really frustrating to have your videos demonetised due to a copyright claim. Not many services out there can give you a copyright claims free experience, but we can. We've worked closely with record labels to build a relationship and embed our software that ensures you get to keep all your ad revenue.

Join thousands of other Creators

Since our launch we've had thousands of Creators signup. We feel we're really on the cusp of something big and we wouldn't want you to miss out. By signing up you're helping us demand bigger and better music from record labels to use in your videos.

Impress your audience with great music in your next YouTube video.

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