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Find music for your next short film.

Making a short film?

All the music on Lickd is available for use in online videos. So if you're making a short film and uploading to Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc then you're in luck!

Your next film project shouldn't suffer from poor quality music. Choose from a selection of thousands of great songs across a variety of genres.

No Copyright Claims.

Funding your film project can be hard. Relying on ad revenue to 'top-up' your project could be at risk if you get a copyright claim. When you license from Lickd your film won't get a copyright claim when uploaded to YouTube and we're confident you shouldn't get a claim on Vimeo or Dailymotion either.

Get the legal paperwork.

When you buy a license from us you get an End User Agreement. This document gives you the legal right to use the song on online video platforms. Everyone knows where they stand then.

If you're film gets spotted and shown elsewhere get in-contact and we can clear the rights for television broadcast and other syndications.


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