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Multi Channel Networks (MCNs)

Give your Creators access to REAL Music.

Better than Production Music.

We know how important music is to Creators so why suffer the groundhog day of the same old production music? Keeping content fresh and having access to the best music around should be a must for any Creator.

We give Creators access to REAL music by REAL artists.

All the music on Lickd is commercial music from real record labels and is ready to be used on YouTube without any copyright claims against your Creators.

No Copyright Claims.

We know how frustrating it is when a video gets good views but is demonetised because of a copyright claim. It means neither you or your Creator will earn anything from that video and given the recent climate on YouTube who can afford that?

We work closely with all our record label partners to ensure your Creators don't get ANY copyright claims when they license the song from us. This means you and your Creators get to keep all your revenue.

Join other MCN's already on Lickd.

We're already providing great music to thousands of Creators from various multi channel networks such as Frederator, Bent Pixels, 2btube, Omnia Media, Digital Minds and RadarPix.

If your MCN is already using the Paladin Dashboard we can enable access to our catalogue right away! Just get in touch below and we'll get you setup.

Become a Lickd Partner.

We don't just want to provide great music to Creators we're also looking to create lasting partnerships in the YouTube space. The more Creators we have onboard the more clout we can give the Music Industry to unlock their best music for your Creators.

There has never been a time like now

Partner with Lickd and we'll make sure your creators are satisfied.

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