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Standard Licence

Our Standard YouTube Licence

Our Standard Licence

Our standard licence allows Creators to use any of the music on Lickd in a single video that will be uploaded to YouTube (or other video platforms). Your licence is granted in perpetuity for the life of your video so you won't have to take it down in the future. And as always, all licences on Lickd are copyright claims free on YouTube.


A standard licence comes with a couple of caveats. For instance if you're being paid by a brand or are in-fact a brand or agency you can't use this licence. You should instead opt for the Brand Sponsored or Branded Content licence. If you're unsure get in-contact with us and we can clarify or help you get the right licence.


Artists and Record Labels are sensitive to various ethical and social issues. So there's a standard set of restrictions that apply to all usages of our music. These are fairly typical for most media formats such as television. Our licences prohibit you from using our music in content that is related to or features Tobacco, Politics, Religion, Firearms, Military, Charities and Pornography.

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