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Artist bio

A.T, the latest afrobeats breakout singer, songwriter and producer. Born in Nigeria's mega-city of Lagos and raised in Tottenham, North London. Growing up in a musical family, his love for music began in the church, where his family spearheaded the choir. From an early age, he was a natural musician as he started recording and writing music from the age of 12, along the journey he crafted the ability to play the drums, keys and guitar.

A.T always had an eclectic ear for music, the roots of his inspiration come from legendary artists including; Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube, Chaka Chaka, Flavour, Wizkid and Akon. He describes his sound as a blend of Afro and Rhythmic R&B, Atueyii's mission is to bring back the 'feel' in Afro music and wants to communicate a message of inspiration within his music. A.T has taken his writing and production skills to working with a number of artist projects on the buzzing UK urban scene.

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