David Torn

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Artist bio

David Torn (and, aka "splattercell") is a composer, guitarist & producer of actual international stature, reknowned for his unique musical voice(s) spanning a broad range of idioms & styles. His groundbreaking compositionally textural work has had a material impact & influence upon both film scoring --- through his own scores, in addition to his creative contributions to the scores of Carter Burwell, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Howard Shore, Mark Isham, and others' --- and upon contemporary electric, electro-acoustic & electronic music, in general. Beyond the medium of film scoring, David's compositional, textural, production & guitaristic contributions have continued to grace the works of other musical artists-of-note as diverse as David Bowie, Jeff Beck, Sting, Mick Karn, David Sylvian, John Legend, Tori Amos, Tim Berne, Madonna, Meshell Ndegeocello, John Popper, Jan Garbarek, Jarboe, Manu Katché, Laurie Anderson, Kaki King, kd lang, Chocolate Genius, Don Cherry, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tony Levin, David Douglas, etc. David was educated by Leonard Bernstein ("Music for Young Composers"), John Abercrombie, Pat Martino, Paul Weiss & Arthur Basile. He has been the recipient of many awards, including: The Cowboy Award for Best Score (Jackson Hole Film Festival, 2006), a Grammy (for Jeff Beck's recording, which David composed & mixed), a Bronze Axis Award (NZ), and 2 Readers' Poll Awards from Guitar Player Magazine, etc. In 2006, David returned to recording for Manfred Eicher & ECM Records. David resides both in Los Angeles & NY.

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