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There are 6 artists named Duel:

1.Duel - Twin Violin Classical Music

2.Duel - is a Hungarian Producer with the real name Attila Szabó

3.Duel - 80s Retro Synthe Pop Band from Tokyo Japan.

4.duel - was an underground swedish shoegaze band

5. Duel - is a French pop group

6. Duel - Italian dance act from the 90s.

7. Duel - stoner rock band from Austin Texas

1.The way things are going, it may not be long before music colleges start offering courses in advanced busking! Greg Scott and Craig Owen are DUEL and while studying the violin at Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music, the pair were delighted to find an easy way of raising some extra cash to boost their meagre student incomes. “We were putting together some demo tapes to send off to record companies, so we were busking to make some quick easy money,” Greg explains. “It was quite profitable – you could sometimes make as much as £2 a minute. And we learned how to get a crowd and keep them there, and got some great response.”

One day in Manchester, one of the faces in the crowd belonged to Pete Waterman, the flamboyant pop music svengali who launched Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley, and has recently become a household name thanks to his TV appearances as a judge on Pop Idol. Although Waterman has built his reputation on selling chart-busting singles to teenagers, it’s a lesser-known fact that he also has a passionate enthusiasm for classical music, from Vivaldi to Wagner. When he heard classical violin music wafting across St Anne’s Square, his antennae began to twitch. “It’s not that unusual to hear buskers playing classical music, but I thought what’s that crowd doing there?” Waterman remembers. “Then I realised they were all young women and the guys playing were two good-looking young boys. So in some ways classical music is no different from pop.”

Before long they were deep in discussions about their favourite composers and pieces of music. When they picked up their violins and started playing Saint-Saëns’ Rondo Capriccioso, Waterman experienced a flash of intuition. “I thought, these are the boys for me! That’s fantastic!”

At that early stage, nobody was sure how the project might develop but Waterman and his new protegés were certain about one thing, they wanted to find a way to showcase the qualities of classical music to a broad popular audience, with an emphasis on irresistible tunes and a dynamic performing style.

They quickly agreed on the name DUEL, and started throwing around ideas for pieces of music that would lend themselves to the twin violin treatment. “A lot of our friends who went into orchestras found that they were just sitting at the back looking at their watches, and the lifestyle that goes with being an orchestral musician was just a bit different to how we wanted to spend our lives”, Craig explains.

Both Craig and Greg like artists who can fire up their performances with some extra zip and energy. Nigel Kennedy is one of their favourite violinists because, as Greg puts it, “he’s playing from his heart, and he doesn’t necessarily care what he looks like. People love him because he’s very alternative and he’s a great player as well.” From the more pop end of the scale, they give credit to Vanessa-Mae and all-girl quartet Bond “because they’re great entertainers and music is entertainment.”

DUEL know that by combining all the elements, being repertoire, great onstage performances and a lot of spark, they will be able to help bring classical music to the masses.

2.Duel ist a Hungarian Producer with the real name Attila Szabó

3.Duel - Duel is the international coalition of Pretty Pop's 80's retro sound, and the lyrics and vocals of Mel Ushikubo, a Canadian singer making her mark in Tokyo. As always, Ken Kinoshita creates sounds and rhythms that entrance. Now Mel, a driven and passionate vocalist, brings a whole new dimension. This pop isn't just pretty, it's dessert.

4. "duel" (they've always insisted on typing their name this way) was an underground swedish shoegaze act, and with three guitars in their original line-up, they really knew how to build that Spector-esque wall of sound. Taking their name from a Swervedriver song, they didn't hide their influences, but clearly brought something original into the mix too. It is evident that the songwriting is above par for the scene, and that guitars, bass and drums often intertwine in ways that is seldom heard elsewhere.

Compilation album "A Vessel in Orbit - 1995-2001" was released the day before duel's bassplayer Daniel Wallón died after battling cancer. He was 36. The last weeks of his life, Daniel worked very hard with the label Dither and the band to compile this album.

5. Duel n.m (lat.duellum)
Bromance Pop/Rock à la française, Julien Boulfray et Brieuc Carnaille, deux auteurs compositeurs, deux voix, se rencontrent, par le plus grand des hasards, dans la rue et au creux d’une nuit, à l’hiver 2006. Forts de l’alchimie entre leurs deux écritures et leurs deux voix, ils créent « Duel » pour partager, dans la langue de Molière, le monde rêvé et surréaliste qui leur appartient.
Pop et nocturne, littéraire et bondissant, brut et coloré.

6. Duel recorded the hits "Go Away", that was produced by Mauro Farina. Later on, it released the singles "O.K. Corral" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go?", produced by Raff Todesco and Sergio Bonzanni.

7.Hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early 70’s Proto-metal. Features two ex Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast)members. Their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right to the bone with heavy, deep groove and blistering tone. Tough and Loud! Hard rock as it should be! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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