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Dead Man Down

Released 2013

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The composer with the Nordic tattoo. You have of course by now seen 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,' 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest' and 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', the critically acclaimed movies of The Millennium Trilogy, based upon the world wide bestselling crime novels by Swedish writer, Stieg Larsson. But did you notice the music score? No? Thank you! In that case you have made the composer, Jacob Groth, a happy man. In his mind music for movies should be felt rather than heard. On the other hand Danish composer Jacob Groth is no stranger to accolades when it comes to scores. Five times an EMMY-winner, and one time a nominee, he has established himself as a man of merit. After many years as a well known Scandinavian secret Jacob Groth is now ready to unveil himself and his music to a much larger audience. The Millennium-movies are the final proof that he has successfully moved from the intimacy of the Nordic film and TV-screen to the international cinematic scope. The critics unanimously agree that he has not blurred his trademark in the process. His music still exudes that special haunting atmosphere. A Jacob Groth-score is rich in Nordic cool and full of melodic grace and alluring enigmas. Just listen to 'Would Anybody Die For Me,' the theme song from 'The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. It is sung by Misen Groth and has just been made available as download from Silva Screen Records. With a background in Danish rock, guitarist Groth 25 years ago began fine-tuning and expanding his talents as a composer in Danish movies. Since the Mid-Eighties he has established himself as a composer always able to forget his own needs in favor of the movie, he is working on. Enclosed you'll find a list of internationally distributed Danish movies with a Jacob Groth score. In the Nineties Jacob Groth made his entry as a composer of TV series. His big break happened with Taxa, a long running success on Scandinavian TV-channels, and was followed up with Unit One (original tittle "Rejseholdet"). This series won an EMMY. The same honor befell Young Andersen, about the young Hans Christian Andersen. And The Eagle repeated the trick in 2005, when Jacob Groth along with the rest of the team received an EMMY. And last year Groth enhanced the EMMY-winning series aka The Protectors (original tittle "Livvagterne") with his music. Enclosed you'll find a list of the most important TV-series with a Jacob Groth score. And to emphasize that Jacob Groths international reputation is rapidly growing his score for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' was nominated in the category 'best score' by the esteemed European Film Academy in 2009. Since then he has continues working on international films and TV series, most recently "Flutter" (UK feature film) and Unforgettable (US/CBS/TV Series).

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