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Jake Aldridge

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Artist bio

Jake Aldridge was born and raised in Suffolk and started writing lyrics when he was 17 years old. His dad passed away when he was 11 and this was to be what would help Jake express himself and cope with his fathers death.

At first Jake was just writing down his feelings on paper, just as a way of getting things off his chest. Jake did this for a very short time until one day he started to rhyme the words that I he had been writing down, to a point where he had pages and pages of lyrics that were in no particular song structure or even to a beat. They were more like poems that only saw the light of day when Jake was rapping them his close friends.
One friend in particular, Tom Moran, was really impressed by the lyrics Jake had written, and the way that he had performed them to him. Tom decided that he wanted to help put music together for Jake to rap these rhymes over. Tom saw something in Jake at a time when nobody else did, and gave him the confidence and belief to continue writing more songs. The two friends went halves on the cheapest music equipment going and believed They were a track away from stardom. The trouble was, at this point Jake wasn’t very musical at all and had problems rapping to the beat. Tom used to play the drums when he was younger and soon realised that this was going to be a problem and tried to help Jake feel the music more. Jake couldn’t even hear the drum beat and even had trouble tapping to it. But after much time and endless practice, Jake eventually started rapping in time with the music. Tom and Jake worked hard together to produce songs so that they could send them away to record labels but sadly, neither of them had any clue about music production.

Months later, another friend of Jakes introduced him to a local producer named Wesley Hurr. Wesley was a drum and bass producer who had been making all kinds of music for years and had previously even had some of his tracks released. The two of them hit it off almost instantly. Wesley could see how hungry Jake was to succeed and was more than willing to take he and Tom under his wing and teach them both about music production, so that the two of them could put demo’s together with a semi professional sound. At this point, Tom was still writing music for Jake and Jake would always sit and carefully watch Tom produce his beats. And after about a year Jake began creating his own. He would write the lyrics then create the music after. Jake was recording the vocals at his home and then taking the track to Wesley’s house where the would produce them. They would do this together on every track and did so for about two years, but after every session Jake was getting closer and closer to the computer screens watching every move Wesley made and absorbing every single trick that he taught him. Right the way up until the very last track that they did together, which was ‘Questions Answered’ (track 10 on Jakes album 'The Sides You Don't See' )

Wesley then moved house so It was time for Jake to start doing it all by himself.
Jake worked on his own for about six months, creating the music, writing the lyrics and putting them both together in the best way that he possibly could. Jake would pass demo’s round town to all of his friends so that they could hear what he had been creating.
One of these friends was a guy called George Bennett. George played the guitar and had been making beats on his own for many years. He was a fan of Jakes work, and the two of them decided one day to collaborate. George wrote the beat and Jake wrote the lyrics. The first track that they ever did together was called ‘When You Come Around’ (track 3 on the album) George helped Jake re-structure his lyrics so that they were perfectly in time with the music on every single beat. As a result Jakes flow when rapping improved dramatically and the track was a big success with his online fans. George and Jake decided to continue working together and produced track after track, each one getting better and better. Jake started to get radio airplay locally and was thrilled that finally all the hard work was paying off. He had developed a small fan base online and in April of 2009 George suggested that the two of them produce a music video to a track that Jake had written about his mum. (L.O.U.I.S.E) George shot the video, edited it and posted it online. The feedback from the song and the video was fantastic and far better than they could have ever imagined or even hoped for. The two of them thrived off the positive feedback and got back in the studio to make more and more songs. to a point where we had enough tracks to make an album. The album 'The Sides You Don't See' was released in february 2010 via Jakes website;

since that date the two of them have finished a new song called 'It Was Love' Whis was released to I TUNES on June 5th and the video for the song will be released online on 25th June
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