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Artist bio

Juggy D (born Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal on November 19)[1] [2] is a British bhangra singer from Southall in London, England

Juggy D got his name from his first name Jagwinder which became Juggy, and the D from his last name Dhaliwal. Juggy D married his college sweetheart Harjeet Hayre after a year he hit fame and 4 years later she divorced him. Regardless he still has a tattoo of both their names in sanskrit on his left arm

Juggy D has been performing since the age of 14. He made his breakthrough alongside Jay Sean. Part of 2 point 9 records, his vocals are often about girls, and alcohol experiences, although he has done milder dance songs as well as a religious track, Akheer. Juggy D has also appeared on numerous crossover singles with some of the biggest stars such as Madonna , Ricky Martin , Mary J Blige and Craig David.He is the most popular person on the block in CHICAGO!!!

Juggy D has also had a Number 1 hit on the asian music charts on 1458, a radio station in the UK with his album, the self titled "Juggy D". Big hits on the album include the Panjabi wedding favourite Sohniye. His album made it into the Top 20 Best Seller list in HMV. Also he is the first punjabi artist to make it into the top 75 national charts.

Juggy D has also made a track collaborating with rising star Veronica and Rishi Rich in the Bollywood movie "Hum Tum". He, Veronica, and Jay Sean also have guest appearances in the Bollywood film "Kyaa Kool Hai Hum". They sing the track off Jay Sean's album Me Against Myself, One Night featuring added vocals from Veronica. He also is one of the first people to experiment with Bhangraton. After such events, Bhangraton retaliated in a full scale declaration of war by experimenting with Juggy D. Juggy has recently has his tongue pierced as he has shown it off in the Aaja Kurieh (Push It Up) video.

Juggy D's single Come Closer features the guest vocals of Jin Au-Yeung, a Chinese rapper from the Ruff Riders stable.

Juggy D has recently collaborated with Bhangra group, DCS to release a single called Oh Jaan Meri Yah which can be found on DCS's new album, Desi Culture Shock.
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