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Running Underwater

Released 2018
© 2018 Kovic Productions LTD

Artist bio

Mark Konstantinovic (Kovic) is a British singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in Essex, UK, to a Serbian father and English mother. Known for his unique vocal and flamboyant jackets, his first momentum-accelerating single titled “Drown” was released in 2018, leading his first album 'Running Underwater' to amass over 20M streams and enjoy some huge syncs (features in games and TV series including FIFA 18) notably joining the top 50 viral Spotify charts across a number of EU countries seeding the growth of a dedicated fanbase supporting his first tours. Currently focusing on the release of his second album 'Playing With Fire', alongside live-streaming sessions with his closest supporters acting as his A&R team. Kovic is dedicated to building and communicating with fans directly online, and self-releasing all of his music to-date. With plenty more music on the horizon, we're looking forward to a bright future!

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