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Download Leika's new album, Space on Tuesday, at

LEIKA are a London-based band that were originally formed in 2006. The band has built up an ever-flourishing and loyal fan base thanks to their ability to blow crowds away with their blistering live performances and killer tunes.

Formed by Romano Giorgi (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Jonathan Mann (lead guitar, vocals and keyboards), and Roberto Pinagli (bass, vocals), they initially completed their line-up with Jonas Golland (drums). In this formation, the band recorded their initial, well-recieved eponymous EP. Following this, virtuoso saxophonist Keith Perry was recruited, adding a very unique edge to an already successful indie-rock sound. When Golland left the band, powerhouse drummer Brian Connell joined, finally adding a much-needed consistency, drive, and a harder rock edge to the Leika sound.

Combining intelligent songwriting with tunes you can actually sing along with, the band continues to entertain, surprise, and amuse, bravely offering harmony-driven ditties to challenge the very best of indie rock.

Leika continue to gain attention from scrapes, furtive associations, gentle nudges, and sometimes straightforward flattery from the likes of The Doves, Tim Burgess, Spencer Davis, and - weirdest of all- Bon Jovi.

The best way to appreciate Leika is to see the band in the flesh, where their post-punk energy is a hallmark of their unique presence on the live circuit.

Leika's album, Space on Tuesday, is available on iTunes at

The band's website can be viewed at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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