Rick Balentine

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Artist bio

Rick has written composed and arranged scores, opens, bumpers, and music libraries for a host of clients, including television networks, such as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, VH1, BBC and SyFy as well as national cable channels like Women’s Entertainment, BET, The Game Show Network, and Trinity Broadcasting Network. He also has scored many music cues for films and television series, such as Steven Seagal’s “True Justice”, Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Dragon Eyes”, “Never Back Down 2”, as well as the nationally syndicated program “HomeTeam” and “Tooned In”, as well as the soundtrack for the film “Big Bully” and “In The Lines of My Hands” with Dennis Hopper and Frank Ghery, earning him composer credits as well as music supervisor and songwriter credits along the way. Rick’s growing list of credits in this world includes the composition of a music library at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch with members of the San Francisco Orchestra and has now ventured into scoring for video games. He is completely comfortable in scoring original work and sound alike music of all genres. As owner of Score LA, a full-service 5.1 music production facility located in Los Angeles, Rick Balentine‘s successful music career now spans 30 years. As such, he understands the music world both as an artist and composer, and the music business from the standpoint of a music supervisor, music library owner and studio entrepreneur. With artist and producer experience ranging from hip hop to country, orchestral to fusion, rock to reggae and mariachi to ambient, as well as, music supervisor and composer services for film, game, television, and commercial campaigns, Rick has produced almost every genre of music there is.

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