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Released 2020
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Artist bio

Inheriting his stage name from a hard drive that all of his songs are stored on; Leeds based artist Sfven (aka Jamie Clarke) started his career by stumbling into the wrong introductory talk at University. That talk changed his decision from pursuing a course in bass guitar to audio production, and opened up the path for him to develop into an artist. Since then the 22-year-old has honed in on his craft as an electronic artist that produces & delivers smooth and infectious vocal and melody hooks, and defines his style as ‘sad stories entwined in happy tunes’.

A last minute decision to stay in the UK and focus on his music rather than travel to Hong Kong, has lead Sfven to where he is today. Taking inspiration from the likes of Louis the Child, Bon Iver, Flume & Whethan; Sfven is currently preparing for his debut EP release in 2020. This alongside perfecting his live set with his band, is set to see Sfven as one of the breakthrough artists in the new year.

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