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Having been thrown out of school at the age of 14 for setting fire to her music teacher (he didnt meet her unusually high standards) the artist formerly known as Stacey Dowdeswell somehow managed to wangle a scholarship to the infamous Brit School (an institution that has so far managed to churn out the likes of Winehouse, Nash and Woon) and her path in life, it seemed, was set.

After graduating, Stac garnered gainful employment in none other than Wah Wah 45s favourite distributors (and possibly the only company of its kind left in the UK at the time of going to press) Kudos Records. It was here that she first came to the attention of Messrs Servini and Goss, and after leaving Kudos and enjoying a spate living the drug induced life of a music television producer, things really started to happen for this young lady. A chance meeting in a kebab shop in Leeds with musical genius Prod led to a fruitful partnership and the creation of such underground hits as Balls Bounce, Tip and (who could forget) the deceptively entitled Sure Aint Good.

Balls Bounce recently appeared on the Wah Wah 45s compilation Underground Hits & Exclusive Bits: Three, and is the perfect introduction to this most modest and talented artist. Its also available now as a 7 inch single and digital download, with a glorious remix from Ninja monkey boy Bonobo on the flip too!! Another cut, Tip, also features on the 4th Wah Wah comp. 12″ single, Glory, came out in 2009 with remixes from Scrimshire, Pause and King Knut, and Stac’s 3rd single, All Or Nothing, was released in May 2010, and features remixes from LenAfrosaxon & Blue Daisy.

The much anticipated full length debut, Turn That Light Out, was released June 21st 2010, and includes guest appearances from Matthew Halsall, Heritage Orchestra strings, a full 12-piece choir, Magnus Dearness from The Hackney Colliery Band, Dan Clark of The Hat fame, Scimshire (who also produced the album) and ten magnificent songs recorded live in the studio and engineered by Ben “Nostalgia 77″ Lamdin.

Stac will also be performing live anywhere that sells alcohol, including The Jazz Cafe, Cargo and The Vibe Bar in that London. Her biggest influences are Lewis Taylor, Jamie Lidell, Erykah Badu and red wine, all of which (especially the latter) can be heard within the myriad of layers of her off-kilter and highly original soulful sound.

More info can be found at where you can also hear the new album in all its glory and buy your own copy! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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