The Newton Brothers

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Artist bio

Andy and Taylor were both learning and making music from a young age, educated and inspired by such wide-ranging influences as Puccini operas, John Williams film scores, and albums by Kraftwerk. Between the two, they play piano, guitar, bass, clarinet, flute, accordion, sax, harmonica, percussion, organ, kazoo, and cello. They fuse their classical education with a skill and savvy in electronics and manipulated sounds, to contribute distinct music to a diverse spectrum of film projects and capitalize on having two musical heads. They recently lent their Newtonian approach to score the epic Sci-fi film Extinction for Universal Pictures (Directed by Ben Young, starring Mike Pena ), the acclaimed Shirley Jackson novel The Haunting Of Hill House (Exec Produced by Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy & Steven Spielberg). “The collaboration between the two of us really forces us to push our ideas early on,” says Andy. “It’s always easy to pull back on those ideas and rein them in, but we literally talk about pushing boundaries every time we start a new film.”

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