The Proles

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There are 3 bands with the name The Proles:

1/ The Proles are a Sacramento-based trio that have been causing quite a stir in the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area since their inception in 2000. After releasing their debut CD, 'Index,' the band received rave reviews from across the United States for their angular pop and songwriting sensibilities.

'Good In Black & White,' the band's sophomore album, was released on August 16th, 2005.

The Proles have opened for numerous national acts including The Killers, Grandaddy, John Doe, Quasi, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Datsuns, Pleasure Forever, Mike Watt, The Mother Hips, Elefant, The Raveonettes, and countless others.

Their debut on The Americans Are Coming Recordings was serviced to CMJ's Top 300 stations and received considerable airplay (even charting on KEXP's coveted Top 60 list!).

2/ The Proles were a south east London based 7 piece band, in 1992 they released "Clever Sheep".

3/ The Proles were a band from the north east of england, In 1979 they released 'Stereo Love' and 'Thoughtcrime' (TRAR 1) on the RAR label, followed by 'Softground' (Small 23) on the Small Wonder label. they also have two CD compilations available 'Stereo Love' on Overground records, in the UK and a US releases 'Thoughcrime' on Grand Theft Audio. in the nineties three members of the band released material as 'All the Madmen' on a 7" German reissue of the Stereo Love EP, on the 'Last Years Youth' label. The Proles were: singer, songwriter, bass player; John Black - Arranger, guitarist; Peter Short, - Guitarist; Kevin Willis - Drummer; Kevin Wilson. the record cover shown is from the 1979 single 'Softground'. The Proles enjoyed national airplay on the John Peel Radio 1 show during their existence. They suffered from being too far from London to make any real impact on the new wave scene at the time.

4/ A band from Highland, Illinois

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