Unbelievable Truth

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Artist bio

Unbelievable Truth were a British band, led by Andy Yorke and also formed by Nigel Powell, Jason Moulster and Jim Crosskey.

The band formed in 1993 in Oxford, and was named after Hal Hartley's film, The Unbelievable Truth.

Unbelievable Truth's first single, Building, was published in February 1997 by Shifty Disco, a label based in Oxford. They released their first album, Almost Here, in 1998 on Virgin records, and the second, Sorrythankyou in 2000. The first was released on Virgin, but they were dropped and the latter appeared on Shifty Disco. Sorrythankyou was the first release from Shifty Disco that was pressed in vinyl. They split up in 2000, due to Andy Yorke's decision to leave the band.

However, in 2001 they released a double album, self-published, called Misc. Music, whose disc 1 contained b-sides and unreleased tracks, while disc 2 was the live recording of their farewell show held at the Zodiac in Oxford on September 16th, 2000.

Nigel Powell now has a new band: The Sad Song Co., and has been playing with Oxford band Dive Dive (formerly Dustball). They have released 3 singles and one full length album and are currently at work on their second LP. Jason and Jim are part of Nine Stone Cowboy, with members of other defunct Oxford bands The Candyskins and Ride.

The band reunited for a one-off gig in Oxford to support tsunami victims on February 19, 2005, but this was a one time event and did not signal that the group would be reforming.

Andy Yorke recently played a solo slot supporting Mark Mulcahy, at a gig at The Zodiac in Oxford on 21st October, 2005. Of the 8 song set, he played seven new songs and one old Unbelievable Truth song, Stone. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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