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Lickd have partnered with Streamlabs to bring you the World’s largest catalog of music for content creators.

Do you Stream and upload videos?

You can also use mainstream music in your uploads with Lickd.

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Wait, what? I can use popular music in my uploads?!

Yup. Because nothing beats casually dropping massive tracks by world-famous artists into your uploaded videos. And you don’t have to worry about strikes, demonetisation or takedowns. Welcome to the revolution✊

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Soundtrack a stream and safely upload it with Streamlabs Music. For anything else, like compilation videos, you'll need music from Lickd. Don't miss out on a free trial with Lickd to take your music game to the next level


  • DMCA-safe licensed music
  • Dozens of playlists
  • No take-downs, strikes or demonetization
For all uploads and VOD content

Creator 14 day free trial

Exclusive Streamlabs offer
  • Covers ALL your video uploads, as well as streams
  • Unlimited usage of 100k downloadable royalty-free tracks
  • Access to over 1M mainstream tracks to license
  • Avoid copyright claims, strikes and demonetisation
  • 50% off first track

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