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The Musicians We’re Inking on Our Skin

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it’s the words that are worth the picture, or, in this case, the lyrics that are worth the tattoo. In fact, some fans are so inspired by the music of their favourite artist that they get tatted with the lyrics, album art, or even the musicians’ face.

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While some fans are happy to show their support by listening to their music in YouTube videos or on streaming platforms, other fans want to show their devotion in a much more… how should we put this… dramatic way.

So, which bands and musicians have the most devoted fans who are willing to immortalise their faves? From the outrageous hairdos of Bowie to the recognisable ‘tache of Mercury, which iconic looks are indelibly inked on fans forevermore?

We took a look at some of the most popular musicians and bands of all time and searched Instagram for posts using hashtags to show off tattoos inspired by these artists.

The Top 3 Most Inked Musicians

Pink Floyd 1

27,329 Instagram posts

These British rockers formed their band in the 60s and were well known for their iconic album art, so it stands to reason that they would inspire thousands of tattoos nearly 60 decades later. Their infamous album art for The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most recognisable artworks now being inked on the skin of fans.


Queen 2

25,236 Instagram posts

With Freddie Mercury as the frontman, there are few bands that are more iconic than this classic rock group. Not only do they inspire the best kind of karaoke sessions, but they’ve also inspired thousands of tattoos.


Slipknot 3

21,887 Instagram posts

While Slipknot might seem like an acquired taste to many, they are clearly popular amongst inked music fans. With their masks making their whole look unforgettable, there are thousands of tattoos immortalising this slightly creepy band.

The Musicians We’re Inking on Our Skin the Most

Number of Tattoo Posts

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The Most Inked Music Genres

We know which artists are most commonly immortalised in ink, but which genres inspire the most tattoos? We grouped each of our 100 musicians and bands into genres and took averages for each genre to find out which one wins the battle of the bands, well, genres.

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We looked at more than 200 musicians and bands included on lists of the biggest music artists of all time, including sources such as Rolling StoneWikipedia and This Is Dig.

Using our list of artists, we then searched Instagram for hashtagged posts that used tags such as #pinkfloydtattoo and took a total of the number of posts for each artist, displaying just the top 100 most popular music artists.

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