Buy music licenses for YouTube Videos

buy music licenses for YouTube

When you buy music licenses from Lickd, you can use most of them on pretty much any social platform, from YouTube and Instagram through to Facebook and Twitch.

buy music licenses for YouTube

At Lickd, you’ll find a unique offering where two music options come together:

Find copyright-free commercial tracks from the biggest labels

Need some inspiration? Here’s a playlist our music team has put together including some of our favourite songs in our library.

We offer exclusive access to licenses for some of the biggest and best artists around.

Buy your music license today.

Grab the best royalty-free music to set yourself apart

Lickd is unique and offers a library of the very best royalty-free music in addition to our library of chart-topping recording artists.

Coming Soon!

Music licensing as it should be; simple and affordable

Lickd offers you the chance to buy music licenses quickly and easily so you never have to worry about copyright claims again. Our chart music library means you can license your favorite track, by your favorite artist, or grab the royalty-free track you need. 

Learn more about music licensing with Lickd.

Buy a music license for your social content

At Lickd, we want to support content creators across the world, whatever social media platform they’re using. When you buy a music license with Lickd, you can usually use that same license multiple times across different platforms. We make licensing music for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms easily.

Stock music for YouTube Stock music for Instagram Stock music for Facebook Stock music for Twitch

The best of both worlds, with Lickd; royalty-free and chart music in one place

We work directly with music publishers and record labels to bring you an unrivaled library of copyright-free music. Each library works a little differently, but we’ve spent hours sourcing the finest chart songs and royalty-free music for you to use.

Where else will you find music from the likes of XXXTENTACION, Imagine Dragons, and David Guetta ready to license without breaking the bank, all alongside an extensive library of hand-picked royalty-free music? We have a number of curated playlists available to help you discover quality music.

Browse our library of music licenses.

Music licenses keep you free from copyright claims

When you license a track with Lickd, you don’t need to talk to any music publishers or record labels and pay thousands for one song, you just have to add the track to your basket and check out, from as little as $8. Once you’ve grabbed one of our licenses, you don’t have to worry about a copyright claim. We work closely with YouTube’s Content ID and other platforms to ensure our licenses stop you from getting strikes. We’ve spent the time chatting to the record label, so you don’t have to.

Add a copyrighted song at the click of a button, without the worry of demonetization.

Buying a music license sets you apart

If you’re on the fence about buying a music license or paying for royalty-free music, we’re here to help. We’ve helped thousands of content creators set their content apart, with proven results.

TwoSync saw shares increase by 600% when they added chart music.

Read the full TwoSync case study.

Tim Milgram uses Lickd music

How to use popular music in your choreography/dance videos AND keep your ad revenue?

Supercharge your dance/fitness videos.

How to license music with Lickd

It couldn’t be simpler to buy a music license with Lickd. All you need to do is…

  1. Sign up for your Lickd account
  2. Link your YouTube channel
    We just need these to work out how much you need to pay for a license and to make sure your license automatically clears any copyright on your video! We use the average viewing figures for your most recent 50 uploads to make sure you never have to pay too much.
  3. Search for the perfect song or browse our royalty-free music library
    Whichever library you choose to use, it’s as simple as browsing the tracks available. Whether you’re after chilled-out background music or something to get your viewers in a particular mood, we can help.
  4. Add a song to your basket
    Once you’ve found a song, all you have to do is add it to your basket. For our chart library, it’s on a pay-as-you-go basis – you don’t need a subscription. Just add a song to your basket and checkout, now you have the right to use that incredible music in your video.

    For stock music, if you have an active subscription, just add any ‘stock’ song to your basket and check out for free.

  5. Check out
    Now you just need to add your music to your video and get it uploaded.


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