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Welcome to Lickd

We are here to reinvent music for you, the content creators of the online world. We don’t believe that you should settle for stock music for your work just to avoid a copyright claim, so we built Lickd – a Commercial music, claims-free solution for YouTube!

For creators

How it used to work

Content creators punished with ‘copyright infringement claims’ when using the music they actually want.

The Lickd way

By buying a license for your video, not only can you use your favourite music, but you keep the revenue from the content! Our “VOUCH” software ensures you're claims free if you’ve licensed with us first.

For the music industry

How it used to work

Rights holders make do with revenues from ads on user-generated content but their music was avoided like the plague by real Creators for fear of a claim.

The Lickd way

Sign up with Lickd, integrate our software and allow us to generate you new, additional revenues on YouTube that sit alongside your existing UGC revenue. We can future-proof your rights on other social platforms, too.

Your first track is completely free!

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So how much?

Our pricing structure is based on the average views your videos uploaded within the last 90 days have received. This allows us to estimate your audience size and put you into a price band below. Try our price calculator at the bottom of this page to find out your channel's price.

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What you get

Access to our catalog

- Full access to all the tracks on the Lickd network

Tracks ready for your video

- Tracks in high quality audio format
- Ready for workflow integration

Licensing covered

- EULA license stored
- Licensing certificate
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Just added

Lickd is a digital platform helping YouTube content creators legally use the music they love. We provide commercial music from real labels for licensing in YouTube videos without the fear of a Creator losing their ad revenue to a Copyright Claim.
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