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Branded content music licensing

The Challenge

Are you a brand looking to create memorable content with recognizable music? So far, finding the right track and navigating the licensing process can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Plus, the risk of infringement can (and has!) lead to costly legal troubles.

The Solution

A pioneering platform for branded music licensing. Built specifically for brands, businesses, and agencies, this platform simplifies the music licensing process and provides more accessible music for branded content on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snap. Created by Universal Music (the biggest record label in the world) and us here at Lickd (the first mainstream music licensing platform for creators), you know you’re in good hands.

Welcome to flexible and affordable music licensing for brands!

Sounds good! How do I join?
Business Music Licensing Platform - Lickd

How you can benefit

Copyrighted Music Licensing For Business

Unparalleled music catalog

Use tracks from top artists like Bastille, Disclosure, Simple Minds, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. With new music added every week!

Social Media Growth For Brands With Music Licensing

Data-Driven Confidence

68% of TikTok users are more likely to remember brands when their videos feature a song they like.

Flexible Music Licensing For Brands - Lickd

Flexible Licensing Options

Whether you need 5 or 55 video usages, you’ll be able to find a license that fits your needs.

Easy Music Licensing Options For Business

Simplified licensing

 Forget negotiating with multiple music industry stakeholders for a single usage. Find the perfect soundtrack for your content and clear it in one simple process.

Who's it for?

Branded Music Licensing For Business

Brands & Businesses

Businesses looking to use recognizable music in their branded content on social.

Improve Brand Awareness With Licensed Music For Agencies


Teams working with brands who need licenses for their campaigns.


Pricing is based on track popularity and streaming virality. Prices are validated and updated monthly.

Tier 3 Tracks
  • From £2,740 for 5
    video usages
Tier 2 Tracks
  • From £4,110 for 5
    video usages
Tier 1 Tracks
  • From £5,480 for 5
    video usages

How it works

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Fill out a quick form to express your interest.

Social Media Music Catalog Brands Can Use

Browse and Select

Once approved, you can explore Universal’s vast catalog of popular tracks

Copyrighted Music For Video


Pick your perfect soundtrack and secure your license(s)

Upload Copyrighted Music With A License

Publish with confidence

Safely share your videos across social, knowing that your rights are covered

Frequently asked questions

In native, short-form videos across TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat, which are not heavily branded or produced ads.

No, our licenses cover native social media content and creator podcast video clips.

You will get an End User License Agreement (EULA) which clearly details the terms of each license. Here are the key takeaways of what’s included in the sync license:

Content: Up to 5 short-form videos (in total) across TikTok, Instagram Reels & Snapchat for the basic license. There are also options to license additional videos, up to 55 usages.
Length: up to 60sec of track use per video
Term: 12 Months
Territory: Worldwide
Paid Boost: 1 Month paid boost per video permitted

Brands, businesses and agencies making branded content or brand-sponsored content.

Are you ready to boost your campaigns with recognizable music?

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