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75% off premium mainstream tracks (from $8 per track instead of $32)

Unlimited royalty-free tracks included for free

Protection from copyright claims

Cancel anytime. Standard subscription $15/month after free trial ends.

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A subscription + tracks?

Sounds complicated but it’s actually dead simple. Big tracks by famous artists require a one-off license (the only way to make it possible!) This starts from as little as $8 and scales depending on how many viewers you have. Which, let’s be honest, is a far cry from the thousands of $$$ you’d pay for traditional music licensing.

Your subscription buys you 2 things:

  1. Unlimited use of royalty-free tracks to use across all your content on a howeverthehellyouwant basis.
  2. A 75% discount on premium licenses, bringing the price per license down from $32 to only $8!
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Lickd Pricing

Our fairness-first mantra

Don’t let the graffiti and tattoos fool you. At heart, we’re big softies. We care about the industry and the people who sweat blood to make the content we love. We built Lickd with fairness front of mind. Fair for creators because a) pricing scales so smaller creators don’t pay superstar prices and b) you get access to music that was previously only available to big brands with big budgets. And of course, fair for artists because we pay them royalties for the tracks we licence ❤️

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