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What the creator community has to say about Lickd

My favorite artists

“I’ll pretty much just use Lickd now for whatever music that I need to source because you will have a large array of music to choose from and also you can find music from your favorite artists, which is really cool.”

Lickd review by Taylorcutfilms


286K subscribers

This is the way to go

“We can be unique, we can stand out with chart music. Our AdSense improved. Our AdSense actually improved with chart music. Lickd is the only platform that’s convinced music labels to allow creators like us to use chart music. There’s over 1 million tracks to choose from, that’s more than all of the stock websites combined, that is insane!”

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Review of Lickd by TwoSync
TwoSync Music


1.57M subscribers

Saves time, money and grows my channel

“The reason why i use the Lickd songs is it saves money, it saves time and it helps me to grow my channel. My videos using popular Lickd music have much better watch time than the other workout videos. The songs make me happy, and my audience too.”

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How I'm stacking up

Ad revenue +17%
Views +10%
Subs +4%


1.7M subscribers

growingannanas reviews Lickd

Mainstream songs I actually listen to

“I’ve always wanted to use mainstream music for YouTube videos. I found out about Lickd by, someone I think told me about it because I’m always complaining to people about how you can’t use actual songs in videos unless you pay thousands and thousands.

So, this was a perfect way of crossing over with some mainstream songs and some songs that I actually listen to and putting them into my YouTube channel.”

You can grow your channel
and video stats too!

Better music matters

Our plans

Creator 14 day free trial

  • 75% off all mainstream music
  • Over 1 million mainstream tracks
  • Unlimited use of 100K royalty-free tracks
  • Music for all social platforms
  • Avoid copyright claims and demonetisation
  • 14-day free trial.

Monthly subscription

Mainstream music From
per track


  • Brands that need music for their content
  • Brands working on creator campaigns
  • Brands who want to partner with us
  • Platforms needing a micro-licensing music solution.

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