YouTubers TwoSync Reap Rewards From Adding Chart Music To Their Videos

TwoSync growth with Lickd music

Any streamer, gamer, or content creator knows just how important music is to the game they’re playing or the content they’re making. It sets the tone, adds nostalgic notes, or simply gets you pumped. Lickd wanted to prove once and for all that chart music could enhance your videos in ways stock music couldn’t. Does stock music for YouTube really make a huge difference to your content?

Finding the right partner was the key, so Lickd joined up with FIFA streamers TwoSync to see just how well their 1.57m YouTube followers would respond to our test. It’s time to pit chart music against stock music in the ultimate head-to-head and see who comes out on top. 

TwoSync: Chart Music Case Study

So what did Lickd do? We pitted chart music against stock music directly. TwoSync uses stock music as that was more accessible to them in the past. However, we wanted to see what would happen if we added music from the FIFA soundtrack to their ever-popular FIFA videos. TwoSync created two identical videos, where the only difference was the soundtrack, one using stock music and the other using commercially licensed music they purchased through Lickd.


They ran the two videos side by side for a six-week period, tracking the views and engagements across both videos. Working with TwoSync, Lickd collected all the important data. Now, it’s time to reveal the winner.

The Results For TwoSync

TwoSync success with Lickd

Video Comments Up By 235%

How’s that for engagement? While the video using stock music garnered a pretty impressive 203 comments, the video enhanced with FIFA’s best tracks saw a stunning 603 comments. That’s an increase of 235%.

TwoSync comments about music Lickd

Views Up 23%

Does an additional 20,000 views sound good to you? It’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t! With 92,550 views on the video that used officially licensed music, TwoSync saw a full 17,500 additional views. The stock video still did pretty well, with 75,044 views, but that’s 23% less than the video using Lickd music.

Shares Up A Staggering 600%

People sharing your content organically is a content creator’s dream, and adding claims-free music from Lickd saw this video being shared a staggering 600% more often. The stock video was shared 4 times, but the chart music video got a whole 28 shares, and that free promo isn’t to be sniffed at. 

Of Course, This All Resulted In An Increase In Revenue

What do all these upwards arrows mean? They mean an increase in revenue for TwoSync. When you’re getting more eyes on your content and more engagement, it leads to one thing, and that’s more ad views and more interactions.

TwoSync ad revenue growth with Lickd

Final Thoughts: Chart Music Lays The Smackdown On Stock Tracks

So what are the takeaways here? It seems like licensed chart music has absolutely wiped the floor with stock music across these videos. Shares were up, comments were up and so were views of the video.

The reality is that licensed chart music, especially tracks that are known to resonate with your audience like these FIFA tracks did with TwoSync’s, can really take your videos to the next level. The trick here isn’t to sub out every single track though, stock music still has its place. It’s great for playing in the background. For instance, building tension before a goal, then dropping an iconic track like Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday while everyone celebrates.

At Lickd, you can search through 1 million pre-cleared tracks from the biggest artists and license them for your videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We work directly with the rights owners to keep licensing prices low. If you’d like to license any of the tracks featured in the video above, you can find them all in our Summer of Sport playlist. Sign up today and get 25% off your first license.


TwoSync’s Videos

Not convinced? Watch the two videos TwoSync experimented with and see for yourself the difference that good music makes:

Stock Tracks

Lickd Tracks

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