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Bored of using the same old tracks in your videos? Sick of hearing everyone else using the exact same songs too? Know that you’re not alone.

At Lickd, we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for a limited selection of the same old boring stock music, just to avoid a copyright claim. This is exactly why we launched Lickd, a music licensing platform to reinvent copyrighted music for content creators.

Reinventing music licensing for YouTube creators

On Lickd, you’ll find over 1 million songs from the biggest artists and labels, as well as over 100k of the very best hand-picked stock music tracks, just waiting to be licensed for YouTube.

Chart music for YouTube

What makes Lickd unique is that we work directly with the world’s largest record labels rather than just buy out rights from musicians who make music especially to sell off as stock. This means that the music available on Lickd includes millions of well-known songs from world famous artists like Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Lizzo, Bruno Mars and many more. Finally, the songs that you listen to on the big music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Apple Music or hear trending on TikTok in your videos are available for you to use in your content… and it comes with protection from copyright claims.

Want better background music for YouTube Videos? Get songs from popular artists with Lickd

Forget the same old and long exhausted libraries of copyright-free, or royalty-free music for your YouTube videos. Get actual mainstream, copyrighted music from famous artists quickly, easily, and affordably. Lickd puts millions of songs across multiple genres like drum & bass, hip hop, house, indie, pop, punk, and many more right at your fingertips. Plus, we’ve curated an extensive collection of the very best stock music around with our “Creator Plan” subscription, so you can access all the music you need in one place. This truly is a unique place to get music licenses for content creators.

The struggle to find quality music for your videos is finally over! Check out the complete Lickd music library now.

Easy to license

Licensing music for your YouTube videos is quick and easy and Lickd offers two ways to get claims-protected music for YouTube. Simply sign up to Lickd using the Google account associated with your YouTube channel, begin browsing for the artist, genre, or theme you’re looking for and add the desired track into your basket.

  • For mainstream/copyrighted music, you just need to add songs to your basket and check out with them to get a unique license & mp3 download that you can use in your video. Yep, it’s really that simple.
  • For stock music, you just sign up for a Lickd stock subscription and choose the tracks you want to use. Your subscription is even free for 14 days!

Creators on almost any platform – including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat – will be able to use Lickd’s stock music in any content they create, including branded sponsored content.

On top of all that, Lickd’s pricing for mainstream music is based on the average number of views your content receives, making licensing music affordable for creators of all sizes.

Sign up now for instant access and you’ll get 25% off your first chart license too!

Simple Pricing

music for YouTube videos

We have two completely unique pricing structures, depending on the kind of music you’re adding to your YouTube Channel.

Chart Music Licensing for YouTube – The price lowdown

Your unique price is based on your average views across your most recent uploads. When you sign up, we’ll check your 50 most recent videos to determine your average views, and apply our pricing model accordingly. This is so you never have to pay more for music than you can afford and smaller creators won’t have to pay the same amount as the biggest YouTube stars. Sound fair?

Game-Changing Stock Music for YouTube – FREE for 14 days

For our stock music library, things work a little differently. As it’s all high-quality stock music, you don’t have to pay for individual licenses. All our high-quality YouTube stock music comes at one low price of £10 / $15 / €12 per month, and your subscription covers unlimited tracks for your YouTube content.

Lickd’s guide to YouTube stock music

Up until now, you may have always used simple stock music in your videos – we get that, it probably seemed like the only option. But now, Lickd exists!

With Lickd, you can find better and fresher stock music, as well as finally being able to get music that you know and love. All at low prices and with no fear of copyright claims. Plus, it’s even proven to increase all your metrics including views, engagement, subscribers and ultimately ad revenue!

Still not sure how it works? Keep reading

How to get music for YouTube Videos

There are a number of options when you’re hunting for music for your video project. First of all, you can access royalty-free music. Royalty-free libraries include tracks that you can use as many times as you like and not pay a fee each time the song is used. This often means that royalty-free music isn’t as high quality as the songs you hear on the radio and you won’t find any popular tracks from famous artists. With many libraries, you’ll still need to pay a one-off, upfront fee, and you’ll only be able to choose from unknown songs.

But Lickd is different. All our stock music is produced to the highest possible quality, and it comes at a low rolling subscription cost. Plus, at Lickd, you’ll find thousands of tracks from best-selling artists too. It’s the only place you can get the unbeatable combination of stock music and chart music for YouTube creators.

The best way to find top-quality music for your channel is Lickd. All you need to do is sign up for an account and you can choose from 1 Million songs from the world’s biggest artists as well as all the stock music you’ll ever need.


What music can you use in your YouTube Videos?

Whenever you add music to your YouTube videos, there are a number of hoops you have to jump through before you can monetize them. The song or music you use needs to be officially licensed or copyright or royalty-free. If you use music that doesn’t meet these conditions, you risk missing out on ad revenue at best. At worst, YouTube can issue copyright strikes against your channel and remove all your content from the platform. Make sure you avoid copyright claims by only using music you’re legally allowed to.

Traditionally, YouTube creators have relied on number of different places for their music, but with Lickd’s unique offering they can find everything they need in one place. YouTube’s own royalty-free stock music, the YouTube Audio Library, is an option to avoid copyright issues in their content, but this and other libraries like it, will never include actual chart music from your favorite artists. This is where Lickd is completely unique!

Lickd gives you access to tens of thousands of the biggest songs in the world from famous music artists alongside a meticulously curated stock music library. The very same songs you listen to daily on the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. It’s really easy to license these songs for your latest vlog or video.

How to choose the right background music for your YouTube Videos

Now you’ve got all this amazing music at your fingertips with the Lickd music library and you don’t have to worry about copyright claims, picking the right tracks for your videos may feel daunting. Choosing the right background song for your video depends on a number of factors unique to you and your content, but it’s worth considering the following:

  1. Work out the key message of your video and find music that supports that – lyrically or tonally
  2. Consider the mood you want to set for your audience
  3. Understand the role you want the music to play in your video. Is it just there as a background soundtrack or is it key to your story?
  4. Consider the genres that work best for your content type
  5. Do you want different songs for different sections of your video or just one song throughout?
  6. Consider your audience, and what music speaks to them
  7. Know the budget you have and only use music you have the right to

For more guidance on how to choose the right music for your YouTube videos, check out our music selection video guide and subscribe to Lickd’s audio editing tutorial channel for more helpful tips and tricks.

Video examples using music from Lickd

Using the right music in your videos can instantly elevate the viewing experience for your audience and keep them coming back for more.  Check out how pro creators Lily and Joe use Lickd music to connect to their followers and bring their content to life.

Fitness influencer Lily Sabri uses Lickd’s popular tracks to help her 2,000,000+ strong subscriber base power through HIIT workouts. Imagine trying to get through this sweat sesh without Anne-Marie’s hit single ‘Alarm’.

Chris Dixon (ChrisMD) uses some of Lickd’s biggest tracks from artists like Disclosure and Imagine Dragons to take his football videos to the next level. With 5.3 million+ subs if he had any copyright issues he’d be in hot water, but using Lickd means he can quickly and cheaply license music from some of the best artists in the Billboard 100 with no copyright issues whatsoever. These killer soundtracks give his content the edge over the competition and boost engagement from his fans.

Join in Lilly and Chris’s footsteps and grow your channel with mainstream music for your YouTube videos!

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