Stock music that slaps

Want access to the world’s biggest library of stock music for creators? With banging songs that you’re not already tired of?

Fill your boots with unlimited downloads and playlists curated with all your video needs in mind. Even mainstream music too… All this and more could be yours with a single subscription.

Show me the stock music!
Background bangers

Give your content the atmosphere it deserves with the best background music

Epic soundtracks

Upbeat and energized, epic soundtracks 💪🏼

Laid-back Lo-fi

Mellow hip-hop beats and downtempo drums to keep your videos chill AF

Fitness motivators

Ready to get your sweat on? This playlist will help motivate you and your viewers 💪🏼

Stock music…say what now?!

Stock music gets a bad rep.

No, actually, scratch that. BAD stock music gets a bad rep.

Look, you’re probably tired of being limited to the same few stock tracks that you (and every other creator on the planet) think was good enough for your content. We get that! You need fresh, high-quality stock music and a lil extra something to set you apart from the rest. 

With a Lickd subscription, you’ll have access to all the music you need in our library of both stock tracks and copyrighted, mainstream music. These two together create the perfect blend that allow you to soundtrack any video content your incredible mind comes up with. Don’t risk sounding the same as everyone else and fading into the background – we’ve got original stock music that’ll keep those ear drums dancing.

No, seriously, it’s that simple! Sign up below, find your jam and hit play.

I’m sold

Our plans


  • 75% off all mainstream music
  • Over 1 million mainstream tracks
  • Unlimited use of 100K royalty-free tracks
  • Music for all social platforms
  • Avoid copyright claims and demonetisation
  • 14-day free trial


per track

That's $24 for non-subscribers!


  • Brands that need music for their content
  • Brands working on creator campaigns
  • Brands who want to partner with us
  • Platforms needing a micro-licensing music solution.

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