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Music Licensing for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Content creators, and their viewers, the world over are getting bored of the same tracks popping up again and again in every video. Our platform creates a new economy by enabling online video creators to use popular commercial music legitimately for the first time whilst also ensuring the music artist gets paid what they're owed.

License the very best tracks from the biggest artists for your Facebook, YouTube and Instagram videos with Lickd. Music licensing made simple.

Licensing music with Lickd lets online video creators use commercial music in their videos and keep the advertising revenue earned from their content, without ever having to worry about copyright claims or strikes. With Lickd, the days when you’d get a claim and lose your video revenue are well and truly gone.

What is commercial music?

Commercial music is any song or music track that’s been created with the potential of generating revenue. It’s been made to be marketed to the public across radio, streaming, social media, concerts, downloads and sales.

Why Commercial?

Why not? You hear commercial music on TV all the time but it’s impossible to find somewhere to simply license a song from a label or from the charts for online video without going through a lengthy negotiation and contract process.

Well, today, for an entire generation - online IS tv! In fact, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds in the US than any single TV network! That’s exposure you just can’t ignore. And Lickd solves the licensing problem for them. Commercial music is the soundtrack to all our lives and we deserve to be able to hear it in our content. Grab your favorite track from the billboard Hot 100 and slot it right into your newest video, whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Now’s your chance to really stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of your audience and bring new eyeballs to your content. License tracks from the biggest artists in the world, like XXXTentacion, Mabel or Disclosure.

The days of boring music are over.

How to License Music for YouTube Videos

Licensing music for YouTube has never been simpler. With Lickd, you just need to search for the song you want, add it to your basket, (make sure to read the license agreement) and check out with the perfect song for your video.

Our solution allows you to simply license a great track from a real artist on our website and use it in your YouTube video without having to deal with a copyright claim. It's effective and hassle-free and means you get to keep the AdSense revenue on your videos rather than lose it.

License music for YouTube

How to License Music for Facebook

Find the perfect song for your Facebook videos in seconds with Lickd and never worry about copyright claims again. Just search for the track you want to use, (psst, you can search and filter via Facebook or another platform so you know the music you’re looking at will be supported on your choice of social media channel). . Licensing music for Facebook couldn’t be easier.

The Facebook Video platform is a newer player to the scene and we're really excited to see how it develops over the next few years. All the licenses you can purchase through our site are also valid for Facebook Video as well so you can upload with peace of mind that you have a license should you get a claim. Need more info? Learn more about music licensing for Facebook with Lickd.

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How to License Music for Instagram

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app. With the ever-growing popularity of videos on Instagram, whether it’s IGTV, Stories or Reels, you need to start thinking about music licensing to make your content stand out. 

Music licensing for Instagram is amazingly simple with Lickd. Just search for your favorite song or artist, (psst you can also filter by Instagram-supported tracks) add it to your basket and check out. It’s that quick and easy to license your favorite song for your Instagram videos but if you still aren’t sure you can learn more about music licensing for Instagram.

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