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Music for Facebook videos

Lickd is the ONLY place to find over 1 Million mainstream music tracks and more than 100,000 professionally produced stock music tracks, offering a truly unique collection of music Facebook Videos.

Transforming music licensing for Facebook content creators

Lickd knows how difficult it is to set your content apart. Whether you’re sick and tired of hearing the same music in everyone’s videos, or simply want to add your favorite track to your content, but we’re here to help. You shouldn’t have to settle for second-best or bland stock music. But, you should also never have to worry about copyright infringement on Facebook again.

Lickd is with you, we understand your desire to add the best music possible to your videos without getting copyright claims. So, we launched a whole music licensing platform offering the biggest tracks from chart-topping artists alongside carefully curated high-quality stock music. We’re here to revolutionize video content creation for Facebook.

It’s time for creators to be able to license the music they want for all of their video content.

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Get chart-topping tracks by the biggest artists for your Facebook videos

Stand out from the crowd with officially licensed music from the world’s biggest recording artists. Lickd offers something completely different. Where other libraries work with stock music production studios, we’ve spent time building relationships with the biggest record labels in the world, like Universal Music Group, Warner Music and BMG. These relationships benefit you, content creator.

Our relationships mean you can add the biggest tracks from chart-topping artists to your Facebook videos. Add artists like DisclosureXXXTentacion or Anne-Marie to your Facebook videos. Access songs from every genre you can imagine, from Drum & Bass and House through to Indie, Punk, Hip Hop and everything in between.

Finding the best music library for your Facebook videos just got that much easier.

Chart-topping tracks and quality stock music all in one place

We know how invaluable claims-free Facebook music is, so we’ve launched a stock music library of our own. Now you can find the highest quality stock music for Facebook videos alongside the chart-topping tracks from your favorite artists. Lickd is the one-stop-shop for all your Facebook content music.

Set the scene with stock background music, then, when your audience is hooked, you can hit them hard with a track they’ll actually recognize. Lickd is the ONLY platform you can get both mainstream music and stock music for Facebook videos.

Get the best Facebook stock music with Lickd’s stock music library – the biggest and freshest stock music in the world!

Easy to license tracks for your Facebook videos

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Licensing music for Facebook is quick, easy, and pain-free. It’s as simple as signing up to Lickd, browsing our extensive catalog of over 1 million mainstream hits and high-quality stock music, and adding the tracks you want to your basket. From there, just make sure to read the license agreement so you know exactly what you can do with each track. (BONUS: You’ll have a 25% off voucher automatically applied if it’s your first time using Lickd chart music!) Then, all you have to do is checkout and you’re good to go!

Simple Pricing

Lickd uses its own simple and fair pricing model for chart music that’s based on your average number of content views. This price usually covers use for multiple platforms too, not just Facebook. You can get both chart and stock music for a bunch of social media platforms like YouTubeInstagramTwitchVimeo and even TikTok & Snapchat. Our affordable approach to pricing makes music licensing for Instagram and Facebook an option for content creators of every size. For stock music for Facebook, it’s FREE for 14 days and after that it’s just a low-cost subscription of $15/£10 per month, making it easy to add royalty-free music to your videos in just a few clicks. (Psst, there may even be some deals along the way so you can get stock music free for longer!)

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the right to use that track in your Facebook videos as long as you keep your subscription going. Our chart music just needs a one-time fee!

Lickd’s guide to claims-free music for your Facebook video

Music for Facebook videos

Any content you upload to Facebook undergoes a number of checks. Some of these are automatic, and some are manual, but they’re all aimed at spotting content that either goes against their guidelines or breaches copyright laws. Up until now, to avoid copyright claims, you’ve probably had to resort to Facebook’s sound collection or a bland library that says it offers royalty-free music. Getting a copyright claim against your Facebook video is a real punch in the gut and it’s likely to happen because you’ve used copyrighted music without permission. But now, Lickd exists, and we’re here to help you find copyrighted music and stock at accessible prices to really set your Facebook videos apart.

As experts in music licensing for Facebook, we’re here to help.

Can I use royalty-free music on Facebook?

Yes, you can! The trick with royalty-free music is to find the best available. When music is royalty-free, it simply means that you don’t have to pay royalties on an ongoing basis. It doesn’t mean free music! When you use royalty-free music on Facebook you may still need to provide credit and you will still have to make sure you have permission to use that particular track. Royalty-free often has more strings attached than you realize.

Why license music for Facebook?

You can’t ignore Facebook as a video platform. While the platform has a variety of different ways to engage with your audience, video is one of the best ways to reach your followers.

If you want to use music in your Facebook videos, it has to be licensed. It’s as simple as that. As a platform, they’ve invested millions in finding and removing unlicensed content. Not just that, but as Facebook owns Instagram, you’ll need to get up to speed on music licensing for Instagram. Facebook and Instagram both have similar rules and systems in place, so if you’re familiar with one it’ll help on the other.

What music can I put on a Facebook Video?

You can add any music to your Facebook content that you have the rights to. This means that, technically, there’s no limit to the tracks you can use as long as you can obtain the correct rights. You can only use music that’s licensed, royalty-free, or copyright free for your Facebook videos and Facebook Live content.

Obtaining a license is pretty simple. Just sign up to Lickd and you’ll gain access to an extensive library of music from the biggest artists in the world. Never settle for sub-standard music from generic libraries again. Stay protected from copyright claims on Facebook with Lickd.

How to license music for Facebook

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Licensing music for Facebook has never been easier. There are a number of ways you can access all the tracks you need, whether it’s just background music or high-quality audio tracks to use as an intro. These include:

  • License copyrighted music for Facebook with Lickd: Offering the best selection of legal music and full-length recorded tracks from the biggest artists and labels around, Lickd lets you license tracks at low prices to set you apart from the competition. Any music you license for Facebook with Lickd won’t have any copyright issues, as you’ve paid for the right to use it. Plus, most licenses let you use them across other channels too.
  • Facebook Sound Collection: Facebook offers its own built-in music library. This functionally allows you to add tracks to your videos easily, and without worrying about copyright, as long as you follow their rules. While this is incredibly accessible, and a great point of entry, it offers a relatively limited selection of tracks and a lot of filler.
  • Royalty-free stock libraries: There are a number of stock music libraries that offer what’s known as ‘royalty-free’ music. This means the royalties are waived for the piece and you can use it as long as you meet the conditions. This often involves a significant fee. In addition to this, these libraries regularly only use basic stock music, that kind that everyone else is using, while charging over the odds. If you want to stand out from the crowd, they just won’t cut it.
  • Add the very best stock music with Lickd Essentials: Our own stock library has carefully curated a collection of better-than-stock music to help you enhance your videos for a low monthly fee. You’ll not have to worry about claims again.
  • Copyright-free music: In very rare circumstances, some tracks can become completely copyright free. As it’s such a rare instance though it’s almost impossible to rely on copyright-free music for your Facebook.

Facebook Copyright Claims

With Facebook, we cannot guarantee your video won’t get a copyright claim. Now hold up, we know how that sounds. But, it’s basically just because Facebook doesn’t have a copyright checking system like for example YouTube does. It just means we can’t automatically clear copyright on your video for you upfront. However you’re still covered and won’t face any problems, because you’ve obtained legal permission to use the music. If your video does get a copyright claim, your End User License Agreement (EULA) will provide proof that you have a legal right to use the song on Facebook. If your video gets a claim, you’ll be given the opportunity to dispute it. All you have to do is share your  End User License Agreement in your dispute and that’s it!.

So we are very confident that you shouldn’t face any copyright issues on the platform. We’ve seen many of our Creators happily using Lickd music on Facebook unhindered.

How can you avoid copyright violations on Facebook?

Facebook copyright claims on music

Avoiding a copyright violation on Facebook may sound like it’s easier said than done but, in reality, it’s actually fairly simple. The basics include using a music track that you have the rights to, and then following Facebook’s guidelines and rules.

Learn everything you can on how to use copyrighted music on Facebook, whether it’s the ins-and-outs of live streams, recorded audio or recordings of traditional musical performances. Facebook offers extensive reach and wide audiences, so understanding your music options is key to cutting through the noise.

Can I use music from Facebook sound collection on YouTube?

Yes, but in all honesty? Barely anyone uses it because the music on there just isn’t great.

Also, Facebook’s terms of service state that any music license from the Facebook Sound Collection is ‘solely for the purpose of using such audio content in videos you create, upload, and distribute on the Facebook platform only’.

This means you can’t use the tracks you license through their platform on any other social media platform without seeking a separate license. The great thing about Lickd, whether you opt for one of our chart music licenses or a song from our stock library, is that your license usually extends to other social media platforms too, at no extra charge!

Unlock the true potential of your Facebook videos.

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