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License the biggest chart music for Instagram quickly, easily and cheaply with Lickd.

Revolutionizing music licensing for Instagram content creators

Tired of hearing the same overused music on everyone’s Instagram videos and desperate to make your own stories and reels stand out from the crowd? You’re not alone. Lickd believes that you shouldn’t have to settle. There’s no reason you should have to put up with the same old limited selection of stock music, just because you’re worried about a copyright claim. We’re with you, and that’s why we launched the Lickd music licensing platform. We’re here to revolutionize content creation on Instagram.

Lickd is here for creators to license music for their content.

Get chart-topping tracks from famous artists for your Instagram videos

Lickd is completely unique. We have a direct link to the biggest record labels in the world rather than just stock music production studios. What does this mean? It means that Instagram content creators can use Lickd to access thousands of famous songs from some of the world’s most popular artists. Add the hottest music to your Instagram without worrying about copyright infringement.

Forget stock tracks, you’ll be able to add music to Instagram videos from artists like Anne-Marie, Mabel and Disclosure. Whatever the genre, Lickd can help you find the best tracks for Instagram, across drum & bass, house, indie, hip hop, punk and more.

Finding a music library for your stories and reels just got a whole lot easier.

Easy to license for your Instagram videos

Licensing tracks is quick and easy. Just sign up to Lickd using your email address, browse through the extensive catalogue of artists and genres and add the track you want to your basket. Lickd’s simple pricing model is based on the average number of views you get on your content, and most of our licenses cover you for use across multiple platforms. This makes music licensing for Instagram and Facebook accessible for creators of all sizes.

Get 25% off your first license when you sign up now!

Lickd's guide to claims-free music for Instagram

When you add music to your Instagram story, a reel or a video post, you want to make sure you’re avoiding any copyright claims. Up until now you may have had to use stock music from a royalty free music library, and we understand why. Getting a copyright infringement claim on Instagram just because you’ve used the wrong track for your video is gutting. But now, Lickd exists, and you can finally get music that both you and your Instagram followers love at low prices, with no fear of copyright claims.

Still not sure how to add music to Instagram? We’re here to help.

Can you post a video with music on Instagram?

Of course you can! You’re well within your rights to post a video with music on Instagram, you just need to make sure you have the right to use that particular track. Any songs you use in Instagram videos will need to be officially licensed, copyright-free or royalty-free.

What music can you use for Instagram videos?

As you can only use tracks that are licensed, royalty-free or copyright free you’ll need to check that particular track’s details before you post your video. Lickd is the only provider of chart music licenses for social video creators. You no longer have to settle for substandard music from royalty-free libraries when Lickd can give you access to the hottest chart hits for your Instagram content.

Can you use copyrighted music on Instagram if you give credit?

Sadly it’s not that simple! Using a track and adding credit isn’t enough and it won’t give you the legal right to use that music in your content. In a few limited circumstances, the owner of a track may allow you to use their music for credit alone, but this isn’t something you should rely on.

Generally, even when you’ve paid for a license, you’ll still need to add credit to your video. 

How to get music for Instagram videos

This may sound restrictive, but there are a number of simple ways you can access all the tracks you want to take your content to the next level.

  • Music for Instagram and Facebook’s Sound Collection: this built-in functionality lets you search for free tracks to add to your stories and videos. While this is great for everyday content creation and accessible in the video editor, it can be quite limiting. Sure, it’s a simple way to add music to Instagram stories or reels, but the tracks on offer are fairly limited. While the music selection is easy to search, especially for stories and reels, you can’t access that easily for normal video posts. It can be worthwhile taking advantage of the Facebook Sound Collection, but that is very limited too.

  • License music with Lickd: the best way to add music to an Instagram video, whether it’s reels, stories, IGTV or simply an in-feed video, is Lickd. Lickd lets you search for the hottest tracks from famous artists and add them to your content. The costs are low and you won’t have to worry about copyright issues. Plus, once you’ve licensed music with Lickd you’ll be able to use it how you want on Instagram and potentially other channels too.

  • Copyright free music: Some songs can become completely free of copyright, but it’s so rare it’s nearly impossible to rely on completely copyright free music for your content.

How to use copyrighted music on Instagram legally

Once you’ve found the tracks you want to use, there are still some rules you’ll need to follow. Instagram has an automated system in place for identifying copyrighted music in videos, even when you’re broadcasting live. When you’re trying to add music to Instagram videos you should follow their guidelines, which include:

  • Always post a video when you are sharing music - there should be a visual component to your video, the platform frowns upon content that’s nothing but an audio track, especially if it uses copyrighted material.
  • Keep your video short - they are essentially recommending that you use shorter snippets of tracks rather than full-length songs.
  • Ask for permission - if you’ve licensed your music through Lickd then you’ve already done this! If you haven’t, you’ll either need written permission from the copyright owner or a license agreement if the track isn’t in Instagram’s own library.
  • Give credit in your caption

The key is to make sure you have the license to a copyrighted track. If you do, even if a video is removed or muted, you will then have grounds to appeal the decision and get your video reinstated.

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