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Using your Licence on Facebook & Instagram

Why license for Facebook & Instagram

You can't ignore Facebook & Instagram as a video platforms.

Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users and is catching up with YouTube fast. The personal insight that Facebook has into your audience is unparalleled and it's reach is vast with over 8 billion video views each day (2015). Even if you've yet to delve deep into Facebook you can be assured that your music license with us covers posting your videos there too.

Instagram by comparison is a younger more vibrant video platform with over 700 million active monthly users. As a platform it's growing and developing with new video specific products such as IGTV - it's long view video player. Instagram is a great way to tease your audience with snippets of your next vlog.

Licensing for Facebook & Instagram

Most of our licences allow you to upload your video to any online video platform.

Where a song isn't available for a certain platform we will flag it during the checkout process. If you have a licence and are unsure where you can use it, you can always check your End User Agreement or get in-touch with us.

Facebook & Instagram Copyright Claims

With Facebook and Instagram we cannot guarantee your video won't get a copyright claim. However it's been widely reported that Facebook has paid the music industry a large sum of money for unlimited use of commercial music over the next 2 years.

So we are very confident that you shouldn't get a copyright claim on either platform. We've seen many of our Creators happily using Lickd music on Facebook & Instagram unhindered.

Handling Copyright Claims

If your video does get a copyright claim your End User Agreement will provide legal proof that you have a legal right to use the song on Facebook and Instagram. If you are given the opportunity you should dispute the copyright claim using your End User Agreement and let us know so we can co-ordinate with the record label also.

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