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Using your Licence on Vimeo

Why license for Vimeo

Vimeo is the biggest ad-free video platform with over 70 million members and 715 million monthly views. If you're a serious filmmaker this rich video platform is the place to be.

Licensing for Vimeo

Most of our licences allow you to upload your video to any online video platform.

Where a song isn't available for a certain platform we will flag it during the checkout process. If you have a licence and are unsure where you can use it, you can always check your End User Agreement or get in-touch with us.

Vimeo Copyright Claims

In the case of Vimeo we cannot guarantee your video won't get a copyright claim or be taken down.

From our initial tests however we didn't see any copyright claims come through on a small portion of our music catalogue. As always we recommend you include the Lickd licensing information in the video's description. This encourages any rights holders who might be looking for copyrighted content to check before manually filing a copyright claim against your video.

As our Creators upload more content to Vimeo we will be in a better place to understand how the platform behaves when it finds the use of legally licensed music in videos.

Handling Copyright Claims

If your video does get a copyright claim your End User Agreement will provide legal proof that you have the legal right to use the song on Vimeo. If you are given the opportunity you should dispute the copyright claim using your End User Agreement and let us know so we can co-ordinate with the record label also.

Vimeo has some advice here on filing a dispute / counter claim;

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