Social Media’s Most Profitable Uniforms

These days, social media lives in our own back pocket, with a humdrum status update just a few keyboard clicks away. With our whole lives now playing out across our social networks, it was only a matter of time before a work-life also became part of our social media activity.

For some people though, their social media presence centers around their real-life job as they invite us into their daily grind. From healthcare workers to those working in retail, people in uniform have been taking to Youtube to share the realities of their work as well as just having a bit of fun while they’re on the clock.

Ben Pearson (ex-Police Interceptor) who has 47.2k subscribers commented:

I always thought YouTube was for 14 year old rubbery people who didn’t shave yet. I never thought that an over the hill 45 year old with mental health issues could ever succeed on that kind of platform. It’s not how old you are that counts, but the stories you hold that keep people interested. If you wear a uniform, or come from the emergency services, you’ll have more stories and lived a life that others can only imagine. Say it on YouTube, and people will be fascinated!

So, who are some of the most popular uniformed Youtubers, and what are the most profitable uniforms?


Doctor Mike YouTube

Dr Mikhail Varshavsky

Youtube: Doctor Mike

7.33 million subscribers

Estimated earnings per post: $25,251

Doctor Mike is a hunky medical Youtuber turned all-out celebrity heart-throb, who frequently appears on TV as an authority on health issues. His videos cover all sorts of topics, from the nutritional value of a vegan diet to reacting to painful and often embarrassing TikTok videos. With a huge 7.33 million subscribers, Doctor Mike could make a massive $25,251 per video.


Jason Patton YouTuber firefighter

Jason Patton

Youtube: Fire Department Chronicles

306,000 subscribers

Estimated earnings per post: $8,019

Mixing comedy with a look behind the scenes at life as an emergency responder, Patton manages to dole out some tongue-in-cheek fire safety tips for his followers. With 306k people following him and as many as 8 million views on some of his posts, this comic firefighter could earn up to $8,019 per post, all while saving lives – not a bad day at the office!


Ashley Adkins YouTuber Nurse

Ashley Adkins

Youtube: Ashley Adkins, RN

62,800 subscribers

Estimated earnings per post: $49

Ashley Adkins is a registered nurse whose YouTube channel covers everything from the serious to the silly. With insights into the daily life of nurses, motivational videos and comedic skits, Ashley covers it all. Her 62,800 subscribers could earn her $49 per video.


BullyJuice Military YouTuber

Darryl Williams Junior

Youtube: BullyJuice

1.23 million subscribers

Estimated earnings per post: $3,397

Darryl William Junior is a US airman who creates workout videos and motivational content. His channel is dedicated to self-improvement and has earned him 1.23 million subscribers, whether they watch for the workouts or just watch for the man and his muscles. With an impressive following on the platform, each post could earn him as much as $3,397 per post.

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Looking at a selection of Youtubers who have found success while wearing their uniform, we used the Youtube Channel Calculator from to calculate estimated earnings.

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