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Drew may refer to the following artists:

1) Drew Ryniewicz, a contestant from the The X Factor USA.
2) A pop rock accoustic band from Jakarta, Indonesia
3) A hip-hop musician from Houston, TX.
4) The guy who draws toothpaste for dinner.

1) From Arizona comes 14-year-old Drew Ryniewicz, who is a self-professed fan of Justin Bieber. She even managed to render his song “Baby” in a sweet and soulful manner that impressed the judges of The X Factor. She survived the group auditions during Bootcamp and soon found her way to the Judges’ Homes, where she was chosen by Simon Cowell to become part of the Top 17 contestants.


2) Drew is a 4-man (Aji Yudo - Guitar, Sashilia Gandarum - Vocal, Putra Praditya - Drums, Shanda Singgih - Bass) band that plays pop music with a significant acoustic touch. Starting our career from way back in the early 2007, DREW is originally a band that perform cover songs in some of Jakarta's best local spot that have a great music ambience.

They've just released double-singles CD with "Radio" and "High" as the tracks. Drew's 1st album is coming out soon.


3) What is success? Success is respect; respect from your peers, your family and most importantly, yourself. With these three keys in place, one has the power to unlock the doors of destiny.

Drew was born July 7, 1988 in Houston, TX. Growing up, he was involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Drew sang in his school and church choir while learning how to play the piano and the trumpet. These pastimes would mold his love for performing and also his ear for good music.

In the 7th grade, Drew penned his first lyric. Despite being ridiculed by his classmates and criticized by his teacher, he continued to write and dream of a greater tomorrow. Years later in the 10th grade, he recorded his first song on a friends (A$E) computer. A$E was Drew's first gateway to realizing his dream. A$E not only allowed Drew to record but also provided beats for Drew to spit on. During his high school years at Worthing High School, Drew teamed up with fellow classmate Burton LeCour and wrote rhymes everyday in class. This continued until the 11th grade when Drew felt that his raps weren't up to par with his expectations.

It wasn't until the summer of '09 that Drew couldn't remain silent any longer. He began writing with more passion and purpose that he had ever felt in high school. The time in between his last rhyme was spent graduating as the valedictorian of his senior class of 2006 and then transitioning into the collegiate life at Florida A&M University.

Drew's goals are to make great music and to not be categorized in a specific genre of hip-hop. He makes many different types of songs with topics ranging from relationships, politics, good times and even the not so good ones. So never expect the same ol' same ol' from Drew, just hot new music! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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