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Man Or Astroman

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Artist bio

How brilliant are Man or Astroman? Dead brilliant, that's how much.

In the future, in the 50s, 60, 70s, and even 80s, everything looked like a twisted and turned version of its present day self. The future merely embellished the present. And so, may I introduce Man or Astroman who boldly spike this trend by declaring that, in the future, all guitars will carry whammy bars and all astronauts will be bleach blonde surf-types.
Strangely, these chaps do sound like the future. They are the future, perhaps. But only, like any artist of any worth, once they've become the past. It's a B-movie future, a surf rock future, and good lord, people, could we ask for much else?
Let us spread ourselves into space, in tinfoil hats and lycra garbs. Man or Astroman are beyond our understanding, beyond the very stars. They are elsewhere, while we are merely here.

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