Can I Still Monetize With a Copyright Claim?

Copyright Claim

Making Youtube videos is not always as easy and fun as it looks. You need to abide by several policies and guidelines, and not doing so can lead to various problems. One of those common problems is a copyright claim and you probably landed here after asking yourself “Can I still monetize with a copyright claim?”

Luckily, this article will break it down for you and explain why you may or may not be able to monetize with a copyright claim. Many companies can help you as a YouTube creator so that you can stick to the rules and still get the most out of your videos and content. Copyright claims can be an absolute pain, and so we want to help you!

Do copyright claims affect views, and what can you do when you face content ID claims? Read on to find out!

What is a Copyright Claim?

Copyright Claim

The minute you upload a video onto Youtube that has used someone else’s copyright, you instantly put yourself at risk of getting a copyright claim.

The company or people who own the copyrighted content you have made use of can use YouTube’s Content ID tool to manage and protect their content. You will be alerted by YouTube if you get a copyright claim.

Depending on the person or company’s policy, they can either monetize, track, or block their content. In most cases, they will choose to monetize the video, meaning that any advertising revenue will go to the initial creator and you will receive nothing. In other words, your video gets demonetized. The claim will not affect your entire channel – just that video.

The claim may affect your views as the owner may restrict the video from appearing on certain websites, devices, or even various countries.

However, some copyright owners choose more aggressive policies, which could result in your video being blocked or removed entirely. A copyright claim does not serve as a penalty.

What you can do

Suppose YouTube’s Content ID claim system picks up any matches in your content and feels that you have used copyrighted content without permission. In that case, you can either mute, remove, or replace the particular content from your video, share the revenue with the copyright owners, or dispute the claim. If you’re planning to dispute the claim, make sure you can back yourself up with a good reason or evidence.

For example, if you’ve obtained a license then you should show your license as evidence that you have legal permission to use the copyrighted material. You could also claim fair use if you’re using the copyrighted material for educational purposes for example.

Can I still monetize with a copyright claim?

Burn money YouTube demonetisation


  • When your video has been monetized by the copyright owner – As previously mentioned, if a copyright owner decides to monetize your video, you’re video will be demonetized and all advertising revenue will go to the copyright owner. This is the most common result of a copyright claim. 
  • If your video gets blocked – if your video is blocked or removed, nobody will be able to view your video, ultimately meaning you won’t get monetization.
  • The copyright owner tracks the video – If the copyright owner decides to track your video, you will still be able to monetize it. However, this occurrence isn’t as common. 

Of course, to receive monetization in the first place, you need to have this enabled on your channel – see our guide on how to monetize your videos if you’re not at this stage yet. 

So, what can you do to prevent copyright claims?

People try various ways to avoid getting a copyright claim (like speeding a song up or only using a few seconds) but these methods do not work in most cases. Lickd can help you avoid getting a copyright claim by giving you legal permission to use music in your videos.

Mainstream, copyrighted music

mainstream music for YouTube

Lickd gives you access to use copyrighted music legally for the first time ever! We have a massive library of mainstream music, and you are free to use any of the songs in your YouTube videos. You do not need to worry about copyright claims or paying royalties and you can even add certain music to your other social media platforms!

Stock music

Stock music or royalty-free music is very common. You generally pay a subscription fee so you can access a variety of tracks without the risk of a copyright claim.

A subscription to Lickd gives you unlimited access to a high-quality production library of over 100k tracks. This isn’t your boring, over-used stock library – these are the freshest beats you could ask for. You can use stock music an unlimited amount of times, across any social media platform and even in brand-sponsored content. Test it out for yourself, with the first 14 days of your subscription being free!

Fair use policy

fair use policy dispute

Using the fair use policy is another way. The policy may let you use a song without receiving a claim, but this is highly unlikely.

This generally only applies if the copyrighted content is used for non-profit and/or educational purposes. Still, it all depends on how much of the content you use and what the content is. All fair use cases are judged very differently, so this is not something to rely on.

Create your own content

Using solely your own content is another way of avoiding any copyright infringement. If you make your own music for example, then you are the copyright owner of it, meaning you can use it in your videos without infringing on any copyright. However, this is very dependent on your skills and the resources you have access to.

Read this article to learn more about how to avoid copyright claims on YouTube.

Final thoughts on monetizing with a copyright claim

How to not get demonetized on YouTube

So in short, when you get a copyright claim, your video will usually be demonetized – you won’t be able to monetize with a copyright claim.

Read this article to learn how to monetize your YouTube videos

Make sure you don’t get a copyright claim by obtaining legal permission to use copyrighted material. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, you don’t need to worry about getting a legal team or anything like that as Lickd has done all the hard work for you. Lickd allows you to use mainstream, copyrighted music for YouTube videos without the consequences of demonetization or copyright claims.

Simply find the song you want to use, click a few buttons and hey presto, you have a license. Mainstream music licenses start from only $8 and you even get 25% off your first track! Or stick with the basics and use stock music (get your first 14 days free!). Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than losing out on all your ad revenue, so just don’t use copyright without permission. 

Join the music revolution today.

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