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Lickd is the only platform that’s convinced music labels to allow creators like us to use chart music. I’m sorry but stock music for me (just my opinion) is way overused, it really is. This is the way to go. We can be unique, we can stand out with chart music. Our AdSense actually improved…

1.57m subs

Mike Russell

Usually you’d spend thousands to license music, especially chart music for your videos, but no longer. With Lickd you can put stuff up on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc, and the licensing is taken care of for you really easily.

Mike Russell
310K subs

Matthew Vandeputte

If you’ve been in the creator industry for a while, you know this is truly groundbreaking. There are just no other websites that allow you to license tracks like this for use on your channels.

Matthew Vandeputte
72K subs


There seemed to be no easy way to use popular songs in my videos without getting copyright claims. I use the Lickd songs because it saves money, saves time and it helps me to grow my channel. My videos using popular music from Lickd have much better watch time than the other workout videos.

4.57m subs


I’ve always wanted to use mainstream music for YouTube videos. When you use music that people recognise, it makes the whole viewing experience a lot more enjoyable for people to listen to whilst they’re watching your video.

5.9m subs

Brad West

The cool thing about using commercial music is that it elevates the perceived production value of your videos because it creates an impression of having a big budget.

Brad and Donna
32K subs

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