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Brand Sponsored Licence

Our Brand Sponsored YouTube Licence

Our Brand Sponsored Licence

If you're a Creator who's lucky enough to work with brands and get paid you'll need a Brand Sponsored licence. Brand Sponsored videos can cover things such as being paid to test drive cars, unbox mobile phones or talking about your shopping hauls. Basically if you're being paid to make your video for a brand then you'll want this licence.

As always, your licence is granted for the life of your video so you won't have to take it down in the future and you won't get a copyright claim on YouTube.

Working with Brands

This type of licence should give the brand you're working with some comfort that you've got the appropriate paperwork for the video you've been paid to make. What's more if that brand wants to feature your video on their YouTube channel we can work with them to grant them a Branded Content license for your video. Beyond that we can also work with your brand to syndicate your video for other media formats such as television.

No Copyright Claims

We knowing working with brands and getting paid on time can be tricky. Just because you're being paid by a brand to talk about their product you shouldn't also miss out on the ad revenue on your video too. As always you won't get a copyright claim on your video and you'll be able to monetise as normal. By using a Brand Sponsored license you can effectively be paid by the brand and by your video's ad revenue.


Record Labels are sensitive to various ethical and social issues so there's a standard set of restrictions that we apply to all usages of our music. Typically we prohibit usage of our music in content featuring Tobacco, Politics, Religion, Firearms, Military, Charities and Pornography. However each Artist can also have their own stipulations so be sure to check the song's restrictions before you license.

In addition some Record Labels and Artists have deals in-place with brands already. So to avoid a conflict of interest between brands we'll occasionally also display additional restrictions. These restrictions might be specific brands or sectors, again be sure to check the song's restrictions before licensing.

Brand Sponsored Music

When browsing our website look our for the pink "B" icon, which indicates the song is available for Brand Sponsored videos. You can hover of the icon also to remind yourself of what this type of licence is.

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