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For Record Labels

A new source of revenue

Your content on YouTube

If you're a big label you probably mange your own Content ID account, if you're a smaller label you might have a deal with someone like The Orchard or Believe (to name but a few). When you put your content into YouTube you're asking YouTube's Content ID system to check the audio on every video uploaded to see if it can find any usages of your content.

Once found, you've the option of track, monetise or block. The default option as you might guess is, monetise.

Monetisation & Creators

When a copyright claim in YouTube is generated against a video, YouTube puts advertising in-front of the video to compensate the rights holders.

For YouTubers who are part of the YouTube Partners Programme this means forgoing your AdSense revenue on the video. This is a real problem for Creators on YouTube who rely on their videos to earn them money.

What we've discovered is that most Creators are avoiding copyrighted music to ensure their video earnings are protected.

Music Licensing

So for the first time, Lickd offers YouTuber Creators the chance to legally license copyrighted music for an affordable fee and ensure they don't get a copyright claim.

Record Labels get a share of the licensing fee. Creators get great music and to keep their revenue.

YouTube Creators hold the key to a new Audience

It's no secret that YouTube has some really big stars among it's ranks, Creators like Zoella, PewDiePie, DanTDM... and many more have huge audiences of millions.

Getting your content in-front of the right audience is key to breaking new artists and songs into the charts. Part of what we're looking to achieve is bridging that gap. With our user-base of Creators who are actively using music we aim to aid labels in finding the perfect 'influencer' for those next record.

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