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Lickd challenged ChrisMD to find three epic tracks for his video as quickly as possible. Check out the video to see how he got on.

So, what do you think of Chris’ music choices? Pretty sweet, right?

ChrisMD’s music challenge tracks

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Boost engagement with your content like ChrisMD

Watch the video below to see another great example of Chris’ on point music choices. In this free kick challenge video, Chris uses a famous track from FIFA’14, elevating his football content and serving his audience some serious nostalgia.

The video has over 2M views and Chris was inundated with comments about the music.

chrismd music comments

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ChrisMD’s subscribers freak out over video using Lickd music from The Offspring

ChrisMD has a knack for choosing music that his audience absolutely loves and his latest video is no different. See from the comments below how using popular music can have a massive impact on how much your viewers enjoy your content.

chrismd video comments

chrismd video comments

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lickd just added

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