VidCon London creators put to the test in series of hilarious challenges

Lickd Who Dares Wins with creators at Vidcon

So we all know that YouTubers love challenges, but how did your favorite creators react when they went head to head in the middle of VidCon London? Watch the videos below to find out who rose to the challenge and who couldn’t handle the pressure.

Who Dares Wins: Ep 1 – Sing for Me Noel

Think you could wrap quicker or make Noel sing better? Watch out for Lickd’s upcoming events, where you could be challenged next.

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Loved this video and want to see more? Episode 2 is just a click away.

Who Dares Wins: Ep 2 – I’m Too Sexy

What’s sexier than putting on as many clothes as possible and texting your nearest and dearest some cringey lyrics? We hope you enjoyed watching your fellow creators get competitive. Here are some of our favorite quotes from this series:

“I’m sweating.” Marfa Popova 

“Omg, why is my head so big?” Amber Doig-Thorne

“I literally can’t breathe” Anna Maynard

“I don’t know what noises I was making, I sounded like some weird chicken.” Amber Doig-Thorne

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Big thanks to all the creators who got involved with our challenges. If you think you can beat them and want to take part in our next series, get in touch via our socials: @getlickd.

Sophia Patsikas
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