Lickd teams up with official YouTube merch shelf partner, FlashFomo

flashfomo x Lickd

Lickd has partnered up with global merch provider, FlashFomo! Providing top quality products to the world’s leading Creators, musicians and celebrities, FlashFomo is Lickd’s #1 choice when it comes to finding a merch shelf partner – and trust us, we’ve done our research. We’re always on the lookout to partner with the best and brightest brands in the social video space and honestly, FlashFomo makes creating merch fun.

FlashFomo works with some of the biggest and best in the business. They create merch for influencers of all sizes boasting audiences from 1,000 subscribers to 15,000,000 subscribers, and the range of merch available is truly awesome. All products are made to order, which not only reduces wastage but also means you won’t have lots of excess stock hanging around your space. If you’re thinking of creating a line of branded products, get in touch with FlashFomo today.

Why create merch?

Being a successful Creator often means diversifying your revenue streams, and creating merch is a great way to do just that. Once you’ve built a strong community of fans and have qualified for a YouTube merch shelf, services like FlashFomo make it super easy to start creating and selling products. Merch also gives your fans something more tangible to support your channel and feel part of a community – well designed products featuring catchphrases or inside jokes can be very popular.

To find out more about monetizing your content check out the helpful guides below:

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