12 Best FIFA Songs For YouTube: Songs FIFA YouTubers Use (includes EA Sports FC 24!)

Best FIFA songs for YouTube EA FC 24

FIFA soundtracks have played a massive part in music discovery among the massive audience of this legendary game. Gotta hand it to ‘em, EA knows how to make a banging soundtrack! 

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) – a 30th year celebration

EA Sports FC 24 Best FIFA Soundtracks

The latest FIFA release, now called EA Sports FC 24 (although still being dubbed FIFA 24) is launching on 29th September 2023, almost exactly 30 years since the game was first launched in 1993! 

FIFA, or now EA Sports FC, is one of the few games that releases a new version every single year, giving its fans something to look forward to. Let’s be real, we all look forward to the soundtrack as well right? Just as you’ve got to know every lyric from every song on last year’s game, EA serves us a brand new playlist filled with epic tunes. But there are always those few songs that stick with you forever and this article will cover those (with a sprinkling of new tracks from this year’s game)!

Best FIFA Songs For YouTube – to make your viewers go “damn”

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, you may want to use the iconic FIFA music in your videos – especially if you create any football or gaming-related content! Luckily, Lickd is here to help with that. As the first platform ever to make popular music licensing possible for YouTube, of course we couldn’t forget about the FIFA soundtracks. Below, you’ll see the full list of the best FIFA tracks of all time that you can also legally use in your next video!

BUT, before we get into it, open this playlist so you can listen to the songs as you read! I’ll also leave a link to each track below so you can take a listen to the ones you fancy and even license them within a few clicks.


Ready? Let’s go!

John Newman Love Me Again - License music for YouTubeJohn Newman – Love Me Again (FIFA 14 Soundtrack)

This is an iconic fan favorite, actually named the greatest ever FIFA song in a study by GAME. This high-energy song will get you pumped up and ready to go. It also hit #1 in the UK, which is impressive considering it was John Newman’s debut single. Now, the track has just been used again for the official EA Sports FC 24 trailer! Perhaps it can take your content to new heights too and evoke some nostalgia in your viewers?


Catfish and the Bottlemen the balcony Cocoon FIFACatfish and the Bottlemen – Cocoon (FIFA 15 & FIFA 23 Soundtrack)

Now, this is a dynamic indie rock track that’ll get you ready to hit the pitch! In an interview with EA, frontman Van said that having their song, Cocoon, announced in the FIFA 15 soundtrack was “a childhood dream come true”. Later on, Catfish and the Bottlemen also featured on the FIFA 17 soundtrack with their song Postpone so it’s safe to say Catfish went down well with FIFA fans.


Mercy The Blessed Madonna FIFA musicMercy – The Blessed Madonna, feat. Jacob Lusk (EA Sports FC 24 Soundtrack)

This upbeat Dance track has some great Disco elements and crowd chants. Writing this now, listening to the song I honestly can’t sit still. Hopefully the track brings you all the energy and great luck on the pitch that your opponents will be the ones begging for mercy!


Saint Motel - My Type FIFA song license for YouTube LickdSaint Motel – My Type (FIFA 15 Soundtrack)

If you like chanting lyrics along to songs then this one is for you. It has all the “oooh”s and multiple opportunities to chant “Just My Type!” in every chorus. This song has a very trackside, world cup vibe about it with trumpets, saxophones and trombone, plus a rhythm that’ll keep you going towards the goal.


Caesers Jerk it out best FIFA songs license for YouTube with LickdCaesars – Jerk It Out (FIFA 2004 & FIFA 23 Soundtrack)

You’ll recognise this one as soon as it comes on, such a classic tune that is so heavily associated with FIFA. Released in 2002, when the band was called Caesars Palace, it was then featured in FIFA 2004 and made its return to feature in the FIFA 23 soundtrack as well. And you can see why! It has a great drum beat, and a hook that’ll have you going “Let’s play FIFA” as soon as you hear the opening tune. 


Stone Roses Fools Gold Best FIFA songsStone Roses – Fool’s Gold (FIFA 2004 Soundtrack)

This is a classic FIFA track, let’s be real. A relatively chilled 80s hit with lots of interesting guitar parts, a dependable bassline and a cracking drum beat. It was even ranked the number 1 FIFA track of all time by Football news site FourFourTwo


Sam Fender Play God Best FIFA songs for YouTubeSam Fender – Play God (FIFA 19 Soundtrack)

This Indie rock track is perfect for building energy slowly over time and feels very propulsive. This is a drum and guitar-focused track that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles or added production and that gives this song great, raw emotion. Also, we just love how excited Sam Fender was to have his music included in such a legendary game. “If I could tell my 12-year-old self this he would probably shit with excitement. WHAT!!?”

Bastille - Send Them Off!Bastille – Send Them Off! (FIFA 17 Soundtrack)

Bastille have featured in FIFA a few times, with ‘Pompeii’ in FIFA 14 and ‘Hangin’’ in FIFA 16. And they definitely delivered again in FIFA 17. This powerful and dynamic track is great for building energy – driven by a big, punchy, catchy hook, provided by a blasting horn section. The Daily Mail called this was one of two standout tracks for FIFA 17 (alongside Kasabian’s ‘Comeback Kid’) and seeing as 2017 was a great year for FIFA music, this says a LOT.

Bree Runway That Girl FIFA songs for YouTubeBree Runway – THAT GIRL (EA Sports FC 24 Soundtrack)

If you need a music pep talk/hype before a match, this beat-heavy pop track with spitfire rap and energizing synth will do just that. Speaking about this track Runway said: “You’re automatically a 10 if you: turn this on, fuck with it, press play and feel liberated, pumped up, and free.” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Plus, as it features on the brand new EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Soundtrack, now is the perfect time to use it.


The Vaccines Wreckin' BarThe Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) (FIFA 12 

Here’s another one for the chanting fans! This song invites you to chant along, so much so they already included chanting and cheers in the studio recording. It’s a super fast-paced, indie rock song that gives you a free pass to cheer and chant at the top of your lungs. Enjoy!


Joy Crookes Feet Don't Fail Me Now album artwork
Joy Crookes – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (FIFA 22 Soundtrack)

What a bassline! Then the beat kicks in and as the track builds up you’re even met with violins. It’s not your typical FIFA song but it’ll make you feel like you’re in a cinematic masterpiece and even listening to it now we’re just picturing getting to that pivotal moment in your game when it’s down to the wire and you just say “feet don’t fail me now”. Very fitting if you ask me!


Now you know the best FIFA songs that you can license for use on YouTube

There are so many more killer tracks that deserve some love in this list, like Disclosure’s F For You (FIFA 14), or Easy Life’s Skeletons and Pockets from FIFA 22 and FIFA 19. Oh and Drown by Kovic from FIFA 18! Also from the most recent soundtrack, we have Sam Gellaitry’s Assumptions (Jengi Remix). But really, we can’t include everything. You should really check out the full playlist though as there are a bunch more hit tracks in there from over the years and as a creator, you can use every single one of them in your YouTube videos without fear of copyright claims!


Which FIFA track is your favorite? Are there any others you’d like to see on this list? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on socials!

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