DMCA free music you can play on Twitch

DMCA free music for twitch streaming

Give your viewers the best streaming experience with licensed stock music for Twitch by chart-topping artists. Lickd has direct links to the biggest labels in the music industry, meaning we can help creators, streamers, and gamers, just like you, access thousands of songs from the biggest musicians without being subject to a DMCA takedown.

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about DMCA music, Twitch’s music rules, and where you can get hold of DMCA-free music to prevent copyright issues to make sure you are not hit with a DMCA takedown notice on your Twitch channel.

What does DMCA mean?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 United States copyright law. It criminalizes the unlawful use of copyrighted materials including written text, pictures, artwork, music, videos and software.

To comply with DMCA, Twitch has a system in place which means that when a copyright holder thinks a streamer has used their content without permission, they have a process in place for them to be able to request the content to be taken down.

What is DMCA-free music?

DMCA-free music is music that can be played on streaming platforms without worrying about having your content taken down or removed. It is music that has been licensed to allow streamers to use it during their videos and be clear from copyright issues.

Is DMCA music actually free?

DMCA music can be free but it is more likely not to be free. There are some playlists out there on other streaming platforms that provide free music which could avoid a DMCA takedown, but these won’t have your favorite or well-known artists on them.

If you want to be able to play commercial music from artists you love, you will need to obtain a license from us at Lickd or other means.

How to avoid a DMCA takedowns for in-game music

DMCA free music for twitch streaming


All games will have a soundtrack accompanying them, some are better than others, and these will usually have the same copyright laws as commercial music. You must check the video game’s End User License Agreements (that wall of text at the beginning of a game) to see how the terms cover streaming with that music. The safest way to avoid any copyright infringement claims though is not to have the sound from the game in your live stream.

Twitch said: “As we’ve said consistently, it’s never okay to include music in your channel unless you’ve secured the necessary rights or have the authority to do so – doing so violates the rights of music creators and runs counter to Twitch’s mission of supporting all creators.”

Where you can get music for Twitch to avoid a DMCA takedown

If you are looking for music for streaming on Twitch there are a few places where you can get DMCA-free music. These services will help you avoid playing copyrighted music during your Twitch streams.

Soundtrack by Twitch

A free service by Twitch, Soundtrack provided Twitch streamers and creators with rights-cleared music for their live streams. It gives you a curated collection of rights-cleared music playlists and integrates with your streaming software to separate your audio sources, allowing you to keep your channel safe while you create content and grow as a creator.

A limitation of this service, however, is that you are limited to the types of music you can play and it does not have well-known artists, so you might not find anything you like listening to. The tool is also in beta mode so it goes through updates and changes frequently, making it not always available.

DMCA-free mainstream music for Twitch

If you really want to use well-known artists’ music in your streams, at Lickd we offer music for content creators that are DMCA-free, giving you the peace of mind that your streams nor VODS will get a copyright strike.

From as little as $8 per license, you will have access to thousands of songs across every genre and theme by real artists you know and love. Our licenses are granted for the lifetime of your videos and you won’t have to ever take your videos down due to music copyright.

Try our price calculator today to find out how much you will need to pay for a license for your channel and get your first song at 25% off!

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